Southampton Pines – East Quogue, NY at 9:35am

My dear son,

I am asking you once again to convey to those who believe in my messages the importance of my messages to the priests and the people that I have conveyed upon the mountain of La Salette.

You may recall that I first brought you to La Salette to convey to you personally that my intentions at La Salette have not been honored by my priests or by my people.

My messages to both you and the children of La Salette many years ago have a timeliness and a timelessness that I have spoken about before.

Now I ask you to recall these messages for the times that you find yourself in the world today are the times that I have spoken about in the messages to both the children and more recently to you.

The importance of my messages at La Salette must be understood in these times in the world for it is during these times that many of my predictions from La Salette will come to pass.

So now it is time for those who believe in my messages to meditate on my messages to you from La Salette so that you can prepare yourselves for the times to come.

There is no reason to fear the future if you understand the reason for my messages to you and the hope and joy that these messages really convey for those of you who are living a life that is in accordance with the Divine Will of the Father and of My Son.

Think of these messages as a pathway for you to understand the workings of the Father as He is trying to bring the whole world back to His original plan for all humanity through the arms of My Son.

So I ask of you to once again convey my messages from La Salette to the world. Send out my messages to all who are willing to listen to these words from the mountain of La Salette that call out for all humanity to recognize that God is being ignored, because the people of the world have become blinded by the materialism and false promises that come from living in a secular world that is devoid of a love for God.

Much can be learned from these messages to assure that the faithful will follow God’s plan to return mankind to the Garden of Eden and an Era of Peace that will prevail for all mankind because that is the plan of the Father and He shall prevail over all of the darkness and evil that now permeates the earth.

Learn to live your lives with hope and joy for the future of humanity for it is important that you believe in the promise of the future through the messages that are conveyed to you.

God, the Father, and His Son, and the Holy Spirit and your Heavenly Mother are with you on this journey, so you shall prevail over the darkness that seems to permeate your own personal lives. Rejoice in the knowledge that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and your Heavenly Mother are with you on this journey.

Accept the mission that God is asking of you with courage and fortitude, with temperance and grace, with a steely resolve to do good and avoid evil, and with a knowledge that your journey in this life is worthwhile for the rewards are great that are promised to you by your Lord and Creator.

I come to you today as Notre Dame de La Salette.

Please respond to my messages to save mankind.

Notre Dame de La Salette

September 2, 2006


Commentary by Ned Dougherty

This month of September 2006 we are celebrating the 160th Anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady of La Salette to the children, Melanie and Maximin, on September 19, 1846 in the French Alps.

In the near future, I will be sending you an additional email with a historical perspective concerning La Salette including the approved messages to the children as well as references to the controversial messages to the children that were not approved by the Church.

I actually have a very close connection to the date of the appearance to the children at La Salette since I was born on September 19, 1946, one hundred years to the day of the original apparition.

My first visit to La Salette, France occurred on the evening of November 30, 2003 when I was alone on the top of the snowy mountain at the apparition site when Our Lady conveyed to me that

My Messages here at La Salette have not been honored by my priests or my people.

I returned to La Salette on November 1, 2005 when I received a very important message that Our Lady speaks about in this September 2, 2006 message.

I have been receiving monthly messages since August 1, 2005 and it is my belief that the Monthly Message of November 1, 2005 at La Salette is the most important messages that I have received to date.

Therefore, and in accordance with the wishes of Our Lady, I ask you to read the Monthly Message of November 1, 2005.