At the Shinnecock Inlet, Atlantic Ocean, Southampton, New York, 2:00pm

 Once again, my son, I bring you to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and for very good reasons. Recently, in your weather patterns, you have seen that the ways of the world – in terms of wind, rain, and storms – have been changing dramatically due to all of the sins of the world.

Your scientists and your leaders want to mislead you into believing that they have the answers to the climate changes that are happening even more rapidly now, but they are truly at a loss for answers, because their sciences and philosophies are based on a secular reality, and they have dismissed the universal laws that truly prevail over mankind and your inhabitance of planet Earth.


In reality, the cause of all the turmoil in nature is the sinfulness of humanity, and, as you can see, the sinfulness of humanity is wreaking havoc on the laws of nature.


You have heard me warn you of the impending Great Shaking that is going to take place in the blink of an eye and without a moment’s notice, and when this great event does happen, all will be changed. The changes will be for the betterment of mankind, but many of you will not be accepting of the good that will come about from the changes, because many of you are stuck in the old ways of what has happened to humanity that have allowed many of you to turn away from God.


So what is it that you can expect in the not too distant future? You can expect that it will be a period of great hardship and difficulty for most of you. It will be a time of great losses in many different ways. For those of you who  adopt readily to the changes, you will see that the Father in Heaven has always had a plan for humanity, when things have gotten too difficult for you, and you will recognize that the Father is with you in leading you through the impending journey from darkness into light.


So now it is a time for you to prepare; it is a time of preparation for the great events that will unfold in the not too distant future. One would have to be living in total darkness now, not to recognize that the great changes are coming. You have been given many warnings from the prophets of your times, as well as the prophets of the ancient times, warning you that to deny the Father in Heaven will result in great changes that may be too painful for many of you to bear. But the changes must come for the benefit of all humanity throughout all times here on Earth.


I ask each and every one of you to begin carefully to plan for the events that are to come. You must prepare to provide for your family members and loved ones, who are still living in the dark and not ready to accept the great changes. You must, yourself, prepare through prayer and meditation, to understand what it is that the Father in Heaven is expecting of each and every one of you individually.


You must be vigilant to the signs of the times, so that you are prepared and knowledgeable, when the great events are about to take place. Although many of you will have a sense of warning signs, the events will happen suddenly and swiftly without time for humanity to reverse the course of your destiny.


The power brokers of the world, who are mostly responsible for the events that are going to take place, cannot stop the wrath of God from descending upon them for the terrible crimes that they continue to commit against humanity. For those of you who are innocent of these crimes, you will thrive in the spirit of the times, because the Father in Heaven will be imbuing you with the knowledge, strength, and fortitude to survive during these troubling times.


I know that many of you are already preparing yourselves and your families to face the times ahead and that is prudent of you to have already prepared, but now it is necessary to be even more vigilant to the signs of the times. For the Great Shaking that has been reverberating through the core of the Earth is about to erupt in many different locations throughout the planet, and this Great Shaking will bring humanity to a higher level of conscious awareness of the plan of the Father in Heaven.


So in this regard, you must prepare with a sense of celebration, because after all of the terrible events are survived, a New Heaven and a New Earth will be the prize for those of you who have remained true to your Lord and Saviour.


God blesses you on your journey!

Message ended 2:20pm

Jesus of Nazareth