Meditation Garden, St. Rosalie’s Parish, Hampton Bays, New York at 9:00am

My dear son,

I come to you today as the Queen of all of the Universe, and I appear to you in this way because I wish for all of the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven to appreciate that each and every one of you individually has an important role in the future of the entire Universe.

You see, when you were created in sprit and mind within the magnificence of the Father in Heaven, He had a plan for each and every one of you to be part of the magnificent Universe that He has created for all of His children. As part of His plan for His children, He has chosen a life path for each and every one of His children. From the darkness of the world in which you live, this may seem difficult for you to understand, because there are so many distractions in this world that separate you from the Love of the Father in Heaven.

In my role as Queen of the Universe, I have been given the responsibility to bring so many of God’s children back within His Fold of Loving Arms, so I ask each and every one of you to turn your hearts and minds over to the Father in Heaven and allow me to come into your hearts to bring God’s love for you into your daily lives, so that the burdens of this world can be less heavy for you to bear.

We are living in the times now here on Earth when great changes are being brought about to restore the future of mankind to its rightful place as the Father in Heaven has chosen for you. Due to all of the evil that has permeated the world since the beginning of time, the Earth itself has fallen out of alignment with the Divine Plan of the Father for the entire Universe.

As a result, the misalignment of the Earth itself, created by all of the darkness, is now being corrected by the Father in Heaven. As a result, great changes are taking place geophysically within the very core of the Earth and such changes will necessarily result in great disruptions to the Earth itself.

Fear not, for during these times, the Lord and Saviour intends to protect all of His children through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about the Great Transformation of this planet for the betterment of all mankind and to bring mankind into the fold of the Father, so that the future of this planet and its inhabitants can be assured within the Loving Arms of the Father.

Your course is clear then in that you must all, individually and collectively, prepare for the great changes that the near future will bring for each and every one of you. Plan your lives carefully now and always with the thought in mind that you are the son or daughter of the Father in Heaven, and He has a special plan designed for each and every one of you to assure that you are part of His plan to save humanity from its own destruction.

Necessarily then, you must each choose your path through prayer and meditation to discover what it is that the Father in Heaven wants of you in planning for the global transformation of all humanity. This is a time that calls for great Prayer Warriors to assist the Father in Heaven to usher in these End Times events for the betterment of mankind.

There is so much evil and corruption in your world that must be defeated during these times that the Lord and Saviour is calling upon each and every one of you to assist in bringing about an end to the evil and corruption of the world.

Think of the beauty, peace, and serenity that the New World will offer each and every one of you when we defeat the forces of evil, for the times will come soon when these events will occur.

I ask you to be patient then with your Lord and Saviour, just as He has been showing His great patience with each and every one of you, for the times will come soon when you will be rewarded for your participation in God’s plan for you! Thanks be to God!

Message ended: 9:18am

Mary, Queen of the Universe