Eucharistic Chapel, St. Margaret Mary Parish, Winter Park, Florida at 9:00am

My dear son,

I come to you this morning as your Lady of Light and I wish to spread the Light of my Son, your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, throughout the world during these perilous times for humanity. My journey with you and among you throughout the ages has been to bring the mission of My Son as well as the mission of the Father in Heaven to my children, who have been open to listening and responding to my call.

My journey with you has been to lead you through me to My Son, who is the Redeemer of all mankind. Now, in these perilous and troubling times, my mission is of the greatest importance. I say this with a seriousness and sincerity that you must comprehend, for the evil one has gathered his legions of dark ones in a final battle to destroy humanity and all the good works of the Creator. However, the plans of the evil one are in vain.

But, in the meantime, many of you, my children, are in spiritual danger because of the attacks of the evil one. Many of you have followed my path to My Son, and so you must now realize that wherever I am, my Son is present, and the evil one is soon to follow.

For the closer you are to your Lord and Saviour, the more intense is the evil one in his efforts to destroy you and those whom you love, for you are surrounded by the legions of the dark one ever more powerfully in these times than at any period in the history of humanity. It is for this reason that many of you are being tormented and tested in your faith by the manipulations and deceits of the dark one. This test is not of the Father, nor of my Son, nor of the Holy Spirit, nor is it from me as your Heavenly Mother. But this test of your endurance to do God’s work is being manipulated by the craftiness and deceitfulness of the evil one and his minions.

All of my children in these times need to gather around their family members and friends, as well as your close acquaintances, for you are now in the final hour when the most important things in your life truly take on new meanings.

These are the times when you will gather together to cherish the love and bond that exists among families who are living in the Light of the Lord and Saviour. It is also the time now to reach out to your family members and friends, alas, as well as to all your brothers and sisters, to profess the importance of the Love of my Son for all of humanity.

You have already entered the times of great pain and suffering, especially of a deep spiritual pain and suffering for many of you, and this period of suffering is part of the times that you are living in during which many great changes will take place for all of humanity. Think of the pains and sufferings as the birthing pains that humanity must endure in anticipation of the birthing of a new period of peace and harmony for mankind.

Know that you must endure great pain and suffering during this period of time to bring about the changes. Know that you will be subjected to great and frequent torments during this period of time by my adversary; and my Son’s adversary; by Satan, Lucifer, and the other creatures of darkness, who will be crushed into oblivion during these times.

The evil one of the Universe is gasping at the last breaths of evil and deceit. Know that this is true and you shall prevail through the darkness and into the Light that the Father in Heaven promises for all of mankind in fulfillment for His plan for the destiny of humanity.

So I ask of you this morning to continue to pray, pray, pray; stay close to the sacraments and stay as close to your family and friends, as well as to all the brothers and sisters of the true faith to usher in the plan of the Father in Heaven in fulfillment of His desires for a New Heaven and a New Earth.

I come to you this morning as your Lady of Light and I spread throughout the world the Light of my Son, which is the beacon of the Light of the Father, a beacon of the true and pure Love of the Father in Heaven that is being manifested to all of you in order to usher in a New Era of Peace for all of mankind.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 9:21am

Our Lady of Light