The Grotto, Southampton Pines, East Quogue, NY at 4:15pm

My son,

I come you today as Jesus of Nazareth for I am, like you, a son of the Father. Therefore, as I am, you are also, a product of the Creator of all that there is. For me, the difference is that I have come to humanity as the son of the One God and Creator with a full knowledge and understanding of my mission among my fellow brothers and sisters here on Earth. But even for me, the journey was one of gradual yet increasing enlightenment to perform as the Father intended of me as the Redeemer of all humanity.

For you, the journey is not as defined, and the road back to the Father in Heaven is filled with many obstacles and roadblocks that prevent you from seeing your course clearly. Therefore, I ask great discernment of you in these times for the course of events that you are about to take, as you believe, in the fulfillment of the Father’s wishes for your mission.

Much good can be done by the graces that have been bestowed by the Father to each and every one of you who is answering His call to all of humanity to arise to the planning and execution of the fulfillment of a return to the original order of creation as ordained by the Father for all of mankind.

The times are now upon humanity when the transitions of the spirit and soul in relation to the human and flesh are starting to manifest in an ever-increasing rate of energy that is transforming many of you already on a sub-atomic level to a heightened state of connection to the power of the Holy Spirit operating within you. This increased level of wholesome and Godly energy that is being manifested upon humanity by the power of the Holy Spirit is being gifted to all of you in these times to prepare you for the great transformations that are soon going to take place affecting the geophysical plane of the Earth as well as the Universe.

This increase in spiritual energy is necessary to transform the living here on Earth to a higher level of conscious awareness of your connectedness to your One God and Creator, who is asking from each and every one of you in these times to pay closer attention to His calling to you. For each and every one of you has a distinct and individual calling and mission that the Lord and Saviour is asking of each and every one of you.

Now it is time for you to set aside all of your material and earthly tasks and to pay closer attention to the plans of the Father that have been given to you through prayer and meditation and through the contemplation of your role in the Master’s plan for the Universe. For you are part of that plan and your participation is being demanded of you now at this point in time, because the time is drawing nigh on planet Earth for the great changes to begin to manifest even more fully, so that even the agnostics, the atheists, and the non-believers will have to recognize that there is a defining force behind all of creation that is moving humanity in a direction of great transformation.

In the near future in your world events and within your coming elections in many countries, including the United States, there are wake up calls to all of humanity to recognize that the most important laws of the Universe must be brought to bear upon your leaders and those in authority to respect the laws of the Universe as demanded by the Father and Creator of all that there is.

The most defining law in the Universe has to do with the Sanctity of Life and the need for humanity to recognize that all human life is sacrosanct from the moment of conception until the passing you call death, which is the calling of the soul from the physical body to the spiritual realms of the Father where you are all accountable for the time that you have spent here on Earth.

So recognize now that in this regard, you are being asked to draw a line in the sand before you and recognize that the value of life must not be compromised under any circumstances, and the responsibility to manifest your knowledge of the value and sanctity of life must be a primary motivation for you to express yourself as a member of the human race.

In this regard, you must be vigilant in your responsibility to defend life, all life, from the moment of conception to the passage of death as ordained by the Father. Any human activity that attempts to lessen this absolute fact of God’s law must be dealt with sternly and severely by those who speak on behalf of the Father in Heaven in the defense of all human life. So the course is quite clear for you now in regards to your mission to defend all life.

As you conduct yourself among your brothers and sisters from this point forward, the defense of human life and human rights must be foundational and concrete in the ways you communicate with your brothers and sisters on behalf of God’s plan for all human life.

So go forth now with a firm conviction that as a Son of God the Father, or as a Daughter of God the Father, you have a responsibility by divine investiture to defend the sanctity of life from this point forward.

The times demand that you respond now to my calling to you. Do not disappoint me in your mission, especially in regards to your mission to defend human life. If the battle to save humanity is not won by you alone, each and every one of you, who will be left to answer my call?

I come to you today as Jesus of Nazareth

Message ended 4:46pm