Southampton Pines, East Quogue, NY at 9:30pm

Lo and Behold! The Day of Reckoning will soon fall upon the planet Earth. The time to end all times of the past will soon be upon humanity.

The calling of all mankind to return to the Father will take place in the blinking of an eye for all humanity, and all souls in the world are being called upon to recognize that the time of the Day of Reckoning is now upon the planet and to kneel in humility.

For all of the sins of mankind will soon be called upon to correct the imbalances of nature that have been created by the disorder to nature that has been perpetrated by sinful acts throughout the centuries.

Prepare yourself now for the changes to come. Would you not protect your family, if a storm were about to blow your house down? Well, now it is time for you to prepare; for the winds of change will soon be upon you. Do you not recognize that the imbalances of nature are only a precursor of the times to come?


You see, that course, that perfect order of creation, will be returning to the planet upon which you live, as opposed to that course which the world has taken since the original order of creation was polluted by the sins of man.

But Lo and Behold! The birthing pains of the planet will be revisited upon you; for the corrections that need to take place for humanity are terrible in their ability to cast fear in the unbelievers and the unknowing, while the same energies will cause great love and compassion in those who have been waiting patiently for the Lord and Saviour, who comes to promise you eternal life.

There are many among you, who are now living in a steadfast assuredness that the Day of Reckoning will bring about peace and harmony in the world, and your beliefs will eventually come to pass. However, there will be a great period of turmoil, of chaos and confusion, when the events begin to take place that are necessary to bring about the changes.

You need to decide now, prayerfully, whether or not you are prepared to enter the fold of the arms of the Saviour during these turbulent times, or whether you will be lost in the chaos and confusion that will swirl around the consciousness of the lost and confused.

Enlighten yourselves now that the time draws near. Pray and meditate for the Lord and Saviour to come to you now to prepare yourselves for the mission that lies ahead for the Chosen Ones, who will lead the blind and confused through the most turbulent times in the history of humanity.

You need to steel yourselves, you faithful warriors and leaders of the Holy Spirit, to draw the lost and confused around you during the times to come, because there will be many who will be lost and perhaps forsaken, or worse, to be taken in by the enemy during these times.

Recognize that those of you who have been given a calling must prepare through prayer and fasting, through reception of the sacraments, particularly through daily reception of the Holy Eucharist, the most powerful form of prayer in the arsenal of humanity.

Do you know of any other way to prepare yourself more strongly for the times to come? I think you know that there is no other source of powerful prayer for which you need to arm yourselves than through the power of the Holy Spirit as manifested through frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist.

Do you now hear the calling within the winds, that the times of change are now rolling across the Universe taking direct aim at your planet which is about to be engulfed by an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit as never seen before?

Many of you will welcome and recognize the Holy Spirit that will be so steadfastly with you, when this time comes upon the planet. But recognize that many will not see that the energy of Love is truly that Love of the Divine Creator, which can be manifested to you in so many ways through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Those of you who are Chosen Ones will recognize the source of the energy of the Holy Spirit and be able to discern the true energy of the Love of the Father from other forces that will also be present in these times of change.

Can you prepare yourselves now to be part of the discernment that will be necessary when the time comes? For many of you will be called upon from your ranks to lead the others who will need your help.

So you must prepare yourself now. I must emphasize that YOU MUST PREPARE YOURSELVES NOW!

The Father in Heaven commands you; the Son commands you; the Holy Spirit commands you!

All the angels and the saints in the heavenly realms will assist you. With all that is yours for the taking in the preparation to lead humanity into the Era of Peace, can you now return to your mundane world and turn your backs on the Father in Heaven?

The choice must be yours now to prepare for the changes. The time will come sooner than you think. PREPARE YOURSELF NOW!

From: Michael The Archangel