3, 2019 @ 8:10am

Church of
Christ The King, Los Angeles, CA


Michael Archangel


Lo and Behold! Humanity has reached a pinnacle place
in its history, and all of you the brothers and sisters of the Lord and
Saviour, Your Redeemer, are being called at this time to listen to this very
important message.


There has come a time now that the evil one and his
minions have drawn a line in the sands of time, and the evil one has challenged
the Father in Heaven and His Son, and all of the Angels and Saints in his final
attempt to enslave all of humanity.


The evil one has projected his plans and his
strategies of evil to culminate in the full and total enslavement of humanity
by the Year 2030.


Mark this year clearly, for it is the year of years
in the final battle and last stand of the demon and his followers. The demon
himself has made his challenge to overcome all that is good and all that there
is from God and to smash all of it into an eternity of damnation with the evil
one himself and all of humanity consumed in the fires of Hell. Such are his
plans and his timeline to achieve his demonic goals.


The Father in Heaven will allow the evil one to
proceed no further from this date. Although the evil one is acting in ways to
enslave all of you through his minions here on Earth, he shall not be
successful, for the Father in Heaven shall not permit satan, lucifer, moloch,
or any of the sum of snakeheads that the evil one represents to further
interfere with God’s plan for mankind.


The chosen year of satan – 2030 – should not
surprise any of you who have been aware of the work of satan’s minions here on
Earth. They have clearly announced their year to conquer and enslave the world
through their demonic plans for humanity. They have masked themselves in ways
to deceive you through their new world order but they have been exposed now,
and they will continue to be exposed as we approach satan’s chosen year to
totally enslave humanity.


Now that you know that the plan of satan has been
fully exposed, you must challenge the evil one and his minions now. Do not wait
until tomorrow, for it is your work as Powerful Prayer Warriors and as
followers of Christ that will influence the defeat and ruin of satan and his


So you must begin today to plan your strategy and
your families’ strategy to work to defeat all of the evil in the world as we approach
the evil one’s year and agenda.


Thanks be to God… the victory shall be yours and
the defeat shall be that of the evil one and his minions!


Do not shirk from the recognition of the events that
are going on in your world that you can identify as the work of satan, his minions,
and their new world order, for as you can discern already, their order is to foment
confusion and chaos and to trick humanity into following their ways.


Many of you already have the gift of discernment to
recognize the work of satan and his so-called new world order, so those of you who
have this gift must exercise it by informing and instructing others who are
being swayed by satan’s global plan which is only a guise to ensnare all of you
by the date and year that Satan has chosen – 2030 – a year that will go down in
infamy for the evil one and his minions.


It will also be a time of Great Transformation and a
new beginning for mankind. But the journey will be dangerous and hazardous for the
followers of Your Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


Your powerful prayers as well as your call to action
will bring about the defeat of the evil one and his minions. That is the promise
of the Father in Heaven for all of God’s children.


Thanks be to God!


ended 8:39am





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