October 3, 2014 – First Friday

Monastery of the Angels

Chapel of Perpetual Adoration

Hollywood, California, at 11:00am


Our Lady of Light


My dear son,

On this special First Friday of the month, I have delayed my message to you to bring you to this place of special worship – the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration. Although the delay has caused you great anguish and concern over not receiving a timely message, you now understand the importance of this delay to bring you here.


I want all of God’s children to know the importance of the worship of the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist not only on the First Fridays of the month, which I highly recommend to all of you, but the importance in these times especially to spend time in Eucharistic Adoration every day and night of the week because of the grave times in which humanity now find itself.


Here at the Chapel of Perpetual Adoration, you are surrounded by the darkness of the film, television, and entertainment industry but this chapel shines as a beacon of light through the darkness to be a sanctuary for those of you, my children, who recognize the importance of staying close to the Heavenly Father, His only begotten Son, and to me as the Mother of all of God’s children.


Outside of these hallowed grounds, the diversions created by entertainment have darkened the paths for many of you, but also in this industry there are many of you now, who are reaching out to God’s children through the media sources that have been heretofore monopolized by God’s sworn enemy, the evil one, who is currently bringing so much evil into the world. The dark one has managed to enthrall the entertainment industry to bring about his plan for a world dominated by evil.


In league with the dark one are the forces of evil, the rich and powerful, who act as his minions in bringing about so much evil into the world and manipulating and controlling the minds of your children, as well as yourselves, to achieve their plans for world domination. Ever so subtly at first, but now more forcefully, the media sources have been used and manipulated in ways to control how you think, how you feel, and how it is suggested by the evil one that you should conduct your lives to serve the master plan of the evil one to subjugate mankind by sin, avarice, and lifestyles that are contrary to the nature of mankind.


In these times then, it is so ever important for all of you, my children, to seek out the Presence of Your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the Adoration of the Holy Eucharist which has been provided to you ever since the death of My Son, for you to realize and recognize that you are Loved by the Almighty Father in Heaven, by His Son the Redeemer of the world, as well as by your Heavenly Mother.


I call upon all of God’s children now in these times to devote yourselves to spending more time before the Presence of the Holy Eucharist in prayer and contemplation. I call upon the pastors of all of My Son’s Churches to devote more time to the presence of the Holy Eucharist for the people of God to worship and adore the Presence of My Son though the Holy Eucharist.


I call upon all of God’s children in the entertainment industry to work on projects that bring God to the children of God with more power and force and effect than the evil one has been receiving from the media sources, who are minions doing the work of the evil one.


In many different ways, the children of God can create more interest in the Perpetual Adoration of My Son through your prayerful activities that introduce the presence of My Son in the Holy Eucharist by reaching out to your family members, friends, and loved ones, and bringing them to these special places of worship, especially to these places where the Perpetual Adoration of My Son is available for all of you.


You, who are especially aware of the gravity of the times that we are in, must recognize that you are aware that the times are getting short, that the Great Shaking and Awakening is near, and that all of you, my prayerful spiritual warriors, must reach out in these times to others, especially by introducing them to the Adoration of the Holy Eucharist, so that they can also prepare for the times ahead.


Many of you are aware and vigilant now that the times are short, so now is the time to call out to others to join you in celebrating the Presence of the Holy Eucharist in My Son’s Churches and places of worship throughout the world.


Particularly through the power of your prayers during Eucharistic Adoration, my brothers and sisters, you may also turn the tide of the dark future events into a time of transition, so that you may celebrate the great changes that will take place without fear. God does not want His children to live in fear of the events that are to come. He wants His children to prepare now so that the changes are seen by you throughout the transition as changes for the betterment of mankind.


These changes would not be happening, if it was not for the sins of mankind, particularly of the sins and bad behavior of the evil one’s minions, who are attempting to wreck havoc and chaos in these times, so that the dark one can gain further power and control over this material world. Many of satan’s minions are not even aware of who they really work for and represent but the fruit of their dark works is necessarily just as damaging to the rest of mankind.


However, through the power of your prayers, I promise you, that you will overcome the evil and injustice in the world. Thanks be to God!


 – Our Lady of Light

Message ended 11:32AM