“Oh Jesus of Divine Mercy hear my pleadings to you, for I am here to do your will!”


– Words given to Ned Dougherty to be recited by him at the conclusion of each decade of the Rosary. (May 1, 2011 – Jesus of Divine Mercy, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York, at 3:00pm)

October 1, 2013

St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA, at 9:00pm

Message from Jesus of Divine Mercy

My dear son,

It has been several months now, since I have visited with you, and for a very good reason. The Messages of Michael the Archangel have been very important for all of you to hear in these times, because all of you in Humanity are going through the most important time in your history.

These are the times that have been prophesied for many ages, when the Son of Man comes to you ever so powerfully to bring about a time of change for all of humanity. So, therefore, I speak to you directly now, as I speak to all of your brothers and sisters, who are open to hearing these messages.

I speak to you now about the condition of the world in which you live. As it has been ordained by the Father in Heaven, I am the Redeemer of all of mankind, and as you see, as you hear me now, I am ever most present to you, my son, as well as I am present  to all of the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven, who are open in these times to hearing my soft, yet determined voice to reach out to all of you in these times, because you need the help of the Heavenly Realms, because of all of the sins that have been accumulating in your world.

Because of the sins of mankind, my cup runneth over, yet the world has become a dangerous place now because of sin running riot. Dark forces have been manipulating all of the peoples of the Earth in ways that are damaging to all of your lives, and I am here now as the Redeemer of the world to bring about the necessary changes to bring the Earth back into the course that was set for it by the Father in Heaven from the very beginning of creation.

You must become part of the Father’s plans for humanity, if you want the Father in Heaven through His Son to change the course of humanity for the better. The challenge to all of the inhabitants of the Earth is to recognize that you all individually and collectively have a mission in life, and that mission for each and every one of you in these End Times is to follow the course set by the Father in Heaven.

I am here as His Son to bring about the necessary changes, so that a New Heaven and A New Earth will be ushered in for all of you in the very near future.

I must call upon you now to increase your prayer life and to involve your family members and loved ones, who have fallen by the wayside, and who are in pursuit of their lives without even a passing recognition of who they are and why they are here on Earth. I am asking you to remind them in these times to recognize that you are all in the End Times, and this is not a time for any of you to ignore God’s calling to save the Earth from further destruction.

As the Son of Man during my journey on Earth 2,000 years ago, I instituted the most powerful form of prayer in the Adoration and Reception of the Holy Eucharist. I call upon all of you to recognize the power of the Holy Eucharist, for it is through the Adoration and frequent Reception of the Holy Eucharist that the tide of battle against the darkness and evil in the world will be turned overwhelmingly in the direction of the good that the Father in Heaven has planned for the world.

It is also, therefore, important that all of you renew your faith by returning to the confessional to unburden yourselves of the accumulated sins, so that you can truly become powerful spiritual warriors, free from the guilt and shame, and the bondages of sin.

It is so difficult for me to convey to you the importance of prayer in these times. You are living in a world, where all of you are easily swayed by what you see and experience in your lives, giving you knowledge which is visible and detectable to you.

But you must recognize that all prayer has a powerful force and energy that may not seem visible or detectable to you, but hear me now, it is through the power of your collective prayers that the future will be changed for the better.

Therefore, I ask of you to set aside your mundane plans and self-serving existence to focus on your prayer life. If you want the changes to take place for the better of humanity, you must resolutely focus on your prayers and the power of your prayers.

I promise you that the world is already changing for the better, although you may not yet see how subtly the changes are happening, but the evil one sees how the tide is turning against him now because of the Power of Prayer!

I leave you now with this Final Message:

The Great Events of the Warning and the Tribulation are soon to take place within your lifetimes. You are so close now to the great events that are going to take place that there is no time now for you to delay in preparing to do the work of the Father in Heaven. So begin now to become part of the Father’s Army here on Earth!

Message from Jesus of Divine Mercy

Message ended at 9:34pm.


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