At the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York, 4:30pm

My dear son,

It has been many months since I last spoke to you through these Messages from Heaven. During these many months, you have been experiencing great changes around the world, as well as in your own interior life. Well, that is for a very good reason.

As you know by now, you are nearing a period of time when great changes and turbulence will be affecting all of mankind, due to the great geopolitical and geophysical events that will continue to increase in a whirlwind of events that will leave many of you spinning in disbelief.

However, you, my son, are aware of many of these changes that are about to take place, and it is your responsibility to be certain that your brothers and sisters are prepared for the future events that will change the course of mankind forever.

Of course, as you are well aware, many of your brothers and sisters are also receiving Messages from Heaven from your Heavenly Mother; as well as from My Son, the Redeemer of the world; and from many of the angels and the saints, who have been gifted in these times to communicate with all of you here on planet Earth to warn you of the future events that are about to take place.

It is important that you convey to all of God’s children the necessity to live without fear of the future, especially if you are living in the Love that is conveyed to you by the Heavenly Father to see you through these troubling times. There is no reason to fear the unfolding events, because all of you here on Earth are here for a brief period of time before returning to your Heavenly Home, where the Father in Heaven has prepared a place of glory for all of His children.

Unfortunately, many of God’s children have fallen away from a faith or belief in the Divine Creator, and it pains all of us from the Heavenly Realms to see many of God’s children devoured by the evil one, the enemy of the Father in Heaven; of His Son, the Redeemer; as well as the enemy of your Heavenly Mother.

Alas, many souls will perish from the path that they have chosen in this life. It is most important that you pray for their souls, so that they may return to the path as ordained for all of you by the Father in Heaven, who intends only that you shall all partake in the eternal glory of the place that the Father has prepared for all of you in Heaven.

You are asked to pray in particular for your family members and friends, your loved ones, who have become entrapped by the snares of the evil one here on Earth. So many of God’s younger children have become entrapped because of their exposure to movies, television programs, books and other sources of entertainment that are controlled by the evil one here on earth through his minions in the media, who have come to expect that they are entitled to exercise power and control over the minds of all of you to achieve their selfish goals of power and domination over the peoples of the world.

In your banking systems, your global corporations, and your governments, you are beginning to understand that a vast global net, a network, has been quietly established to bring domination and control over God’s children into the hands of an elite few, who have been cultivating this control for centuries now, acting as the minions of the dark one.

But alas, their plans for world domination are unraveling before their very own eyes, because many of you, who they intended to keep in the dark, are becoming aware and rising up against these evil and powerful influences. As a result, their power is weakening, as God has intended it according to His plan. In the future, you are going to see a massive global awakening against those who intend to control all of you in their plan to create a one world order, a godless and secularist state under which they have complete power and control over God’s children, but their plans are already being defeated.

Nothing that the evil one has designed can survive the power of prayer, a power that is energized by the Eternal Love of God the Father, who will succeed in returning the future of the planet Earth to His grand plan under the Original Order of Creation.

Recognize now that the Father in Heaven will have His way and that a Great Transformation will take place that will topple the power structure created by the evil one and his minions. The Father in Heaven will replace this structure and governance with his plan in which all of God’s children will live in freedom to pursue their lives along the guidelines that the Father has always intended for His children.

You must recognize that such great changes cannot take place without great disruptions for a period of time. The so-called masters of the universe will resist your attempts to undermine their evil plans, but they will fail miserably as more and more of God’s children are enlightened by the Father in Heaven to achieve their own individual missions to complete the plan of the Father in Heaven.

The evil one and his minions will not be able to stand up against the great tide of humanity that will change the world for the better through the power of prayers and through the individual missions that each and every one of you will perform, as God has ordained each and every one of you with a mission to bring His plan to fruition.

So I say to you: Fear Not! For the Father in Heaven is in charge, and you should look forward to the future with courage, fortitude, and strength, so that you can don an armour of steel to protect the Love within you from the hatred of the evil one, as you achieve the plan of the Father in Heaven.

I wish all of you, my children, God speed as you usher in the New Heaven and the New Earth, and a New Dawn for all of mankind!

Message ended: 4:57pm