Kent, Connecticut at 1:00pm

Lo and behold! The transformation of the planet Earth is about to begin to usher in the Era of Peace for all of humanity. Many of you are preparing for the great events that are about to take place, but most of you on planet Earth are oblivious to these times of change and when these events will take place that will ultimately change humanity for the better. Those of you who are living in darkness will not be ready to cope with the transformation and change which is necessary.

Why do you procrastinate in these times when the call of the Father in Heaven is so clear and obvious? Many of you are stuck in the mundanities of your human existence obliviously unaware of the important events that are to take place.

Wake up now! Wake up to the call of the Father in Heaven to bring all of you into His fold during these times of transformation. Do you not realize that the important things in life are not to be counted among your frivolous activities which consume much of your time?

It is time for you now to recognize that you are existing in a world of diversions that are the work of the evil one in distracting you from the importance of your mission in life. In your sources of entertainment, in your cultural activities that are so lacking in morality and discernment, in all of your otherwise related activities, the importance of the Father’s plan for humanity has been lost.

Primarily, this has happened because you have become a populace of sheep reacting to the messages that come to you from sources of entertainment and not from the true source of all knowledge and wisdom, your Father in Heaven. You have become dupes to a system of control that has been forced upon humanity by those in power and control, who are treating you like cattle and sheep, because you have allowed this to happen.

It is time for all of you to rise up against the media conglomerates, your educational systems, your institutions, and the corporate monoliths that have supported this system of power and control in order to keep the powers from the dark side in power and control over so many of you.

It is time for you to remove the scales and open your eyes to the reality of the truth concerning your governments, your institutions, your schools and universities, and your sources of entertainment. You must begin to think and see things clearly so that you have the discernment to recognize the important events that are happening, as well as those that are about to happen that will significantly change the course of humanity here on earth.

Learn to be vigilant and pray for the gift of discernment concerning the terrible battles that are about to be fought in your world for the future of all souls here on Earth.

Many of you have not been answering the call of your Lord and Saviour to change your own lives to live within the Divine Will of the Father in Heaven. The time is running out for you to make this commitment to the Lord and Saviour to become part of the ultimate solution for planet Earth.

Do not plan on being counted among the losers here on earth who have turned their lives away from the Father in Heaven and to the evil one. For those of you who show your respect and reverence for the Lord and Saviour and conduct yourselves accordingly, you will ultimately benefit from the journey into the afterlife and a conscious and eternal connection with the Father in Heaven.

I, Michael, confirm this to you as the Prince of the Heavenly Host.

Message ended: 1:28pm

St. Michael the Archangel