Oceanside at the Atlantic Ocean, Daytona Beach, Florida at 11:55pm

My dear son,

I come to you this evening as a stunning surprise to you for you have doubted that my messages to you would continue throughout this month of September, because of the hardships and doubts you have been harboring within yourself, due to the stressful events that have been accumulating in your own life.

Know that you are not alone among the brothers and sisters of humanity in these times, who are going through terrible losses and disappointments in their lives for these losses and disappointments are also signs of the times in which you now live.

Many of you are experiencing disappointments among your family members and friends, almost as if they were your enemies, when in fact the evil one has proliferated his activities in creating dissension and division among family members, friends, and loved ones.

Many of you, my brothers and sisters, are being used unwittingly by the dark one in these times to create problems and dissension within your families and among your friends, because this is also a method of the evil one in these times to destroy humanity.

Many of you are dealing with terrible losses due to health issues among you and many of these health issues are actually the creation of sinister forces within your own medical community to create not healing but more sickness and death.

Families and relationships are being torn apart over money matters and the losses of jobs and income, and these problems also are the result of the manipulation of your economies by sinister forces in league with the evil one to create depression economically and despair spiritually for you, so insidious is the plan of the dark one to attempt to enslave and control the peoples of the Earth into a draconian system of a one world government and rule which is not the plan of the Father in Heaven for humanity.

So, on this evening in particular, I come to bring all of you, my brothers and sisters, a plan to relieve you of all the frustration and worry and pain that many of you are enduring, and that plan is the following:

Remember that what you are now experiencing is transitory and will pass over time. Remember that each and every one of you are the children of the Father in Heaven, and He has designed a loving plan for each and every one of His children here on Earth. But, alas, many of you will not know of or recognize the Father’s divine love for you until your journey here on Earth is over.

In the meantime, you must persevere and endure, although at times life seems so difficult. For many of you, you are witnessing that the more prayerful your life has become, the more you are also enduring and experiencing great and difficult struggles in your life.

You are also experiencing pain and deception even from ones who you have trusted and loved. Recognize that this deception is the work of the evil one and that many times your own family members, loved ones, and friends, are being caught up in this deception upon humanity, because they are not prayerfully close enough to the Lord and Saviour to recognize that what they are about and what they are doing is the work of the evil one operating in the dark recesses of their minds.

But be aware, each and every one of you, of your own weaknesses and fragility to be duped and deceived by the wickedness of the world and to be tempted to focus your lives on material gains, licentious relationships, and frivolous affairs that will bring only pain and despair to many of you.

There are the times now in which you live; times that call for a more prayerful way of life; and times for each and every one of you to focus your prayerful intentions for each other, so that you can properly discern what is from God as opposed to what comes from his enemy, who is the enemy of all mankind.

Because of the times in which you are now living, unfortunately the attacks on the family, on loving relationships, and on the goodwill of mankind will continue, but only for a short period, for the times are now very short before the time of Great Tribulation will be upon humanity.

So you want to prepare now prayerfully for the events that are now happening and the events that are yet to come. For although you may feel you are in the darkest of times, the Light of the Father in Heaven will soon manifest very powerfully over all of humanity and a great and loving transition will take place for all of you, my brothers and sisters. Thanks be to God!

Message ended October 2, 2009 at 12:15am

Jesus of Nazareth