St. Rosalie’s Parish Prayer Garden, Hampton Bays, NY at 9:00am

My son,

I come to you today as Jesus the Redeemer of the world at a time when the people of the world are now most desperately in need of the redemption brought by the Son of the Father.

When I walked among you 2,000 years ago, I came to my Father’s Temple to watch the desecration of My Father’s House of Worship by the moneychangers, who were committing the sins of avarice and fraud upon the very sacred ground that was dedicated to God by the holy and righteous forefathers of your faith.

It was this very desecration caused by the moneychangers that brought on a fury within me so that I took the branches and lashed out at the moneychangers and their wares to drive them from My Father’s House. For I foresaw within their activities that in the future of the world it would be the avarice and greed of the descendants of the moneychangers that would grow and perpetuate among humanity until the time came when those who were acting in such a sinful manner would attempt to bring power and control over the world and to enslave the peoples by the use of their money instruments.

I foresaw that they would attempt to thwart the plans of the Father for all humanity whereby mankind would conduct commerce in a way that was for the benefit of all the people and not only for the benefit of a few, who would take their positions of power and strength to exercise a dominance, and a power and control over others that was never intended by the Father in Heaven for the future of mankind.

Now you can see how the chickens have come home to roost over humanity in the manipulation and control that is being manufactured in your economies by the depots of greed and avarice, who are attempting at this time to bring a feudal domination upon all of humanity.

As I took the branches to the moneychangers then, it is time for all of you now to take the branches of prayer to the moneychangers to influence the commerce of the world for the betterment of all of mankind and not just for the few who are attempting to control all of you through the instruments of commerce. Now it is time for you to revolt against the moneychangers who are attempting to control you, and your greatest weapon in the spiritual realms is through the power of your prayers to change the economies of the world for the better.

It is time for all of humanity to open your eyes to the deceit of the moneychangers to blind you to the realities of their plans. The Father in Heaven never intended for a few elitists to control the lives of all of the peoples of the world. There are no masters of the universe, as these despots prefer to call themselves. There is only one Master of the Universe and through the power of the Holy Spirit the Father in Heaven will intercede upon humanity in these times to influence the marketplace so that truthfulness and respect for humanity become the most important elements in your dealings with each other.

In this regard, it is important that you recognize that there are power brokers and manipulators of the marketplace who are attempting to continue to control you to your detriment. You must not turn a blind eye to their deceits. You must recognize as a people those among you who are attempting to manipulate and control you, and by the truth of their being revealed, they will lose their strength to manipulate and control the marketplace for the truth shall set you free.

I ask all of you, my brothers and sisters, to wake up to the realities of the world in which you live and to the recognition that there are those among you, who are doing the work of the evil one in manipulating and controlling the marketplaces of the world. This is not the plan of the Father, and they are doing the work of the evil one in attempting to establish a new world order of greed and avarice that rewards the few among them and enslaves the rest of the world.

It is a time now for vigilance among all brothers and sisters to take charge of your own destinies. It is a time to recognize the art of deception that has been practiced by secret and occult societies throughout the ages who have been manipulating and controlling your resources ever more fully in an attempt to enslave all of humanity. It is a time to recognize the evil in their ways.

The Father in Heaven is with you in these times to identify the enemies, those among you who are doing the work of the evil one in an attempt to thwart the Master Plan of the Father for all of humanity in these times.

Your cooperation through prayerful discernment and meditation and a vigilance of the world around you will guide you through the turbulent times that you are now experiencing.

Remember that your Father in Heaven, and His Son, the Redeemer of the World, operate through the power of the Holy Spirit that is working within and among you ever more fully to bring about the plan of the Father in these End Times.

So prepare yourselves now for the troubling times ahead as the battle between good and evil becomes increasingly more obvious. Know that your Father in Heaven will prevail during these times. Know that He has faith in His servants among you that through the power of the Holy Spirit you will be guided through these storms until the time when a New Heaven and a New Earth will prevail for all mankind.

Know that the Father in Heaven will thwart the plans of the evil one to use his earthly minions to control you. The battle against the dark one has already been won in the spiritual realms, so you, therefore, will also experience the victory of the Father in these EndTimes.

The importance of your responding to His call in these times is now drawn in the sands of eternity. Do not disappoint your Father in Heaven or His Son and rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit to survive the difficult times ahead.

Message ended 9:26am