The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 12:30pm

My son,

As the bell tolls at the Chapel, so tolls the bell to all of humanity to save the unborn from the slaughter that is now taking place throughout humanity.

Never before in the history of civilization has the sanctity of life been so desecrated by the carelessness and malfeasance that takes place now against the very life of the child. Never before has the very fiber of the thread of life been so destroyed by the arrogance and misdeeds of those among you, who believe you have the right to interfere with the very nature of the order of creation.

The Father in Heaven never intended for his children to choose death over life for the innocent and the unborn. The decision of humanity to interfere with the very process of the orderly creation of life is the very reason why humanity in these times is doomed to suffer terrible loss and depravation.

For in these very acts to destroy life, the life that has been ordained by the Father, the balance of nature has been irretrievably torn, and great corrections must be made to return nature to its rightful and orderly path and to return mankind also to a rightful and orderly path to bring about the fulfillment of creation according to the plan of the Father.

You are in the times now when great changes must take place among you to bring about this correction of nature due to the faults of mankind. You are already experiencing the changes in your weather patterns; in the ripple effect upon the very core of your Earth; and even changes to the ebb and flow of tides that are becoming ever more erratic due to the changes that are taking place among you.

Your scientists are at a crossroads now because they cannot explain the changes that are taking place. They are like the Pharisees of ancient times who were so falsely fulfilled in the beliefs and truths that they had established to perpetuate themselves that they had become blinded to the plans and wishes of the Father.

Do you see now that the changes that are taking place across your planet are the result of the sins of mankind, particularly the sins against the very creation of life?

Is it not apparent to you now that you cannot continue to exist in a relatively peaceful world, despite the violence and wars that are obvious, if you do not resolve the silent wars waged against the very creation of life?

These silent wars are not seen in the obvious way in which life is lost on the battlefields and before the cameras, but in the way life is lost when it is hidden away from your media and away from most of you who turn your backs on the crisis.

Yes, I speak of the war that is waged in the very wombs of the mothers who are wrenching away the very limbs and hearts, and souls of their very own children in the senseless murder and slaughter of human life.

Do you see now that the world cannot continue to exist in the eyes of the Father as long as this senseless slaughter continues to go on? How long do you think that the Father in Heaven will remain patient with you while you flaunt your critical ideas of choice and usurp His lasting and eternal authority to choose life over death?

The corrections upon humanity will need to take place to bring you back to the full understanding that the sanctity of human life is one of the founding principles upon which the very nature of mankind has been established by the Father.

Those of you, who hear my words and my pleadings to you, must continue your work and your prayers to bring an end to the abortions; to bring an end to the experimentation upon human life; and to bring a complete halt to the blasphemous experimentation that is crossing the very nature of the cells of life of mankind with that of the Father’s other creations, specifically the animals.

God the Father never intended that you should exercise your freedom of choice to experiment with the living essence of your future brothers and sisters, who are now being used in experimentation to merge the animal with the human. Such desecration of the essence of human life will not be tolerated by the Father, and great harm and damage will befall mankind if this experimentation continues.

It is time for humanity to recognize that corrections must be made to bring humanity back to the original order of creation; for you, mankind of today, have desecrated the very nature of humanity and the corrections to be made must necessarily happen at great cost and expense to the progress that humanity has made so far in material terms.

You now have great material wealth among your people and your leaders but this great wealth has been accumulated at the expense of the spiritual wealth of mankind, which is no longer even being recognized by your people.

The spiritual nature of mankind is all that matters ultimately, and the folly of pursuing the material world with its pleasures and possessions will soon be exposed as the necessary changes take place to bring about the corrections.

It is for this reason that God’s Chosen Ones will be called upon in these times to bring about the changes in the world for the better. This is why I am calling upon you, my Chosen Ones, to bring about the changes through the power of your prayers and the power of your intercessory ability to bring about change through your prayers.

It is through the power of prayer that the Chosen Ones here on Earth can work with the celestial powers that will bring about the changes and the corrections. It is time for all of you to be counted among the Chosen Ones to do the work of the Father here on Earth.

Gather together in your homes, and in your churches, and other meeting places to bring about the work of the Father to fruition. Those of you who have been chosen to do God’s work will be inspired on how you are to take up your mission to be part of the New Evangelization of humanity to bring about the changes.

The New Evangelization requires you to make great sacrifices in your material world and to devote more of your time and energy to doing the work of the Father and less time and energy pursuing material wealth and comfort.

Begin by stripping yourself of unnecessary material things that are holding you down and enslaving you, for it is the material world that is causing so much death and destruction, because of the pursuits of many of you to acquire objects of the material world that are coveted now, but which will have no value in the future.

Everything that is considered wealth in the world today will be replaced in the dawning of the new era with the things of the world that really have value; the pursuit of true love, of sacrifice, and commitment to others to bring about a better place for humanity to continue to exist.

But now, today, you must make the choices in your own life that will mean sacrifices now for the glory to be obtained in the future by your decision to make a commitment now to the Lord, and to put aside all that is material and recognize that in the greater scheme of the Father in Heaven, it is only the spiritual and the eternal that will ultimately count.

So I ask you my brothers and sisters to count yourselves among the Chosen Ones to bring about the changes for humanity for the future. I ask you to become no longer a part of the problem but a part of the solution to ultimately return mankind to the Paradise that was originally created for you by the Father.

Choose to make these decisions and commitments now to assure that you will have a place, eternally, in the Paradise that is yet to come.

I come to you today as Jesus of Nazareth because my message of today is as timeless as it was 2,000 years ago when I brought a similar message to mankind.

Now is the time for you to make a difference.

I wish all of you Godspeed in your journey and mission to change the world for the better.

From Jesus of Nazareth

End: 1:03pm

Immediately following the completion of the October 1st Message, I interiorly heard the following from the voice of Jesus of Nazareth:

“Bring peace to the womb, if you want peace in the world.”

– Jesus of Nazareth (Message: October 1, 2007)

Note from Ned:

To receive the October 1st Message, I was interiorly called to the outdoor area known as The Rock, which is the highest elevation at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island in Eastport, New York. The clearing in the Pine Barrens at The Rock contains a fifteen-foot high glacier boulder, which is the foundation for an eighteen-foot statue of the Blessed Mother carrying the child Jesus overlooking a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. The October 1, 2007 Message begins with “As the bell tolls at the Chapel…” At the moment I started to receive the message, I could hear the 12:30pm bell that began to ring outside the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, which is also located at the Eastport Shrine. Hence, the words “As the bell tolls at the Chapel…”