Southampton Pines Residence, Southampton, New York- 7:15am

I am Michael, the Archangel

The protective mantel of Jesus, the Redeemer, is spreading throughout the world. These are the times that the Saviour is calling upon His humanity to rise to the occasion of the most important time in the history of humanity.

For the bell now tolls for many who have died needlessly at the hands of the powerbrokers and manipulators of the world who are acting in concert with my adversary, the evil one. Now are the times that the biblical authors referred to in Scripture as the End Times, the time that the Redeemer would return to save the world from its own destruction.

Now is the time that all good men and women must arise to the call to devote their lives to prayer, contemplation, and meditation. For these are the times that will try your souls. These are the times that the judgment of the souls of all generations will fall upon you. For you in your generation and in your times have the responsibility now to save humanity from its own destruction.

The decisions of you and your brothers and sisters will determine the course of human events for the better or worse. Now is the time for all good people to resonate in prayer to create a powerful energy through the works of the Holy Spirit and Redeemer to influence the world for the better and to crush the head of the serpent who has only wrath and destruction in mind for mankind.

Woe in these times to the profiteers of the poor and the homeless. Woe to the manipulators and powerbrokers of the world who are manipulating the prices of necessary commodities and who are strangling the economies of the world for their own selfish purposes. Their plans for world domination will be thwarted by the Redeemer but mankind will suffer in kind as a result of their materialism and greed.

Pray for the prayerful warriors of the world who are stepping forward in these times to replace the powerbrokers and manipulators. Pray for those who are ushering in the New Covenant with the Redeemer of the world for they will convey the messages to the true believers, to the brothers and sisters in Jesus, who will ultimately save the world from destruction.

Terrible times are ahead for those who do not believe, for those who bury their heads in the sand and go on in life with business as usual, while so many of your brothers and sisters are suffering from the recent disasters – disasters that are the direct result of the folly of your leaders.

Pray for an end to the times of suffering. For those who pray for the end of the destruction and death, the times of suffering will seem like only a moment in eternity. For those who use these times to profit from the misfortunes of others, the times will be long and agonizing. For those who live in the Light of the Redeemer, the excitment and energy of these times will be exhilarating and the New Covenant ones will not fear, will not suffer unnecessarily, and will not perish into the darkness of abandonment from the Redeemer.

Lo and behold! A New Dawn is ahead and will arise for humanity – the dawn of a new day when the Redeemer will manifest Himself more fully among you. And you will all walk in peace in a kingdom of heaven on earth until you arise to the occasion of your final reward in the eternal Light of the Father in the heavenly realms.

The message is clear for those of you who choose to walk in the footsteps of the Redeemer. Unite with your brothers and sisters around the world in prayer. A calling for world prayer is now upon you to unite in prayer during the next two days. Do not fall away from this opportunity to make a worldly difference in the power of prayer manifesting itself on the events of the world. The opportunity for prayer in the next two days is very specific in the plan of the Redeemer to convey His Love and Light to all of humanity. Do not fail to answer His call during this important two day period.

Seize this opportunity with your family, friends, and members of your community to answer His call to a two day period of prayer and fasting to change the tide of events for the betterment of humanity. Reach out to your brothers and sisters during this two day period and inform them of the necessity to spend these days in prayer, contemplation, and meditation. It is very important that you respond to this call.

This month of October will bring many important events to take place spiritually in the world. Those of you who are attuned to the Redeemer will recognize these events in the form of a spiritual awakening within you to enable you to respond affirmatively to the events that are ahead of you.

Pray for those of you who are still in darkness. Pray for those of you in darkness to be awakened during this very important time. Pray that more of your brothers and sisters will respond to the Redeemer’s Call in these times.

Prayer! Prayer! Prayer provides the tools that mankind needs now!

Respond to His Call!

Respond Now!

I am Michael, the Archangel, Protector of the Faith.

end. 7:54am.