“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Your nation first began to lose its freedom when it first legalized abortion. The more abortions that have been done, the more freedom has been compromised.”

“So today and during these times, I have raised up this Mission to call together a unified prayer effort and to lead souls along the path of salvation. Certainly, opposition to this effort is not justified. Yet I tell you solemnly, I expected it, for Satan never sleeps. Let those who attack this gospel message come and see for themselves. This is a Mission clothed in truth – a Mission that leads in truth – a Mission that speaks and acts in truth.”

“Perhaps there are those who are envious of the prosperity of the Mission while they weaken. But I have been ready always to bless those that would stand for the truth and accept no compromise in the face of opposition.”

“I have offered the Chambers of Our United Hearts to the world here – a path not only of salvation, but of personal holiness and sanctification. Yet the enemy of this Mission says there is nothing here; I call this what it is – spiritual blindness.”

“I do not surrender but wage a war worthy of victory – a war whose weapons are truth, unity in prayer and sacrifice. I am calling for the soldiers of this battle to stand up and be counted that I may bless and multiply their efforts.”