November 2, 2012 (All Souls Day)

St. John the Baptist Church, Costa Mesa, California, at 9:25am

My son, I come to you on this most important feast day in my chosen Church, because I have a great and important message for my brothers and sisters here on Earth.  This world, this Earth, is the creation of the Father in Heaven, and because of what has happened here, this message is of a very sad nature.

Ever since the Father of all mankind designed the nature of the reality that you cherish here on Earth, He based the creation of all of you on a sound and irrefutable principle of the Universe and that principle is the basis for all reality here on Earth. The one principle that is the defining and guiding principle for all of you is the principle of life. Life, itself, is the essence of what you are in that without life you would not exist.

The gift of life from the Father in Heaven is absolute and without change or redefinition.

What is it about mankind’s existence today in a world that has become so far removed from the Creator of all that there is that you refuse to accept the principle of life in your daily affairs?

What separates you from the Father in Heaven, as well as from the Son and Redeemer of the world, is the inability of mankind to accept and understand the very basic concept of the meaning of all life, and in your circumstances, the value of any and all human life.

Can I reach out to you in any clearer terms than to express to you the importance of life as the defining principle of all of humanity?

Can humanity exist without life? Of course not, you would say. Then how is it that the world collectively, and God’s people individually have come to an acceptance that life has little or no meaning and that any life can be terminated by you as a matter of choice?

How is it that mankind has fallen so far from the graces of God?

There is only one single and solitary reason for the fall of mankind and that is the journey  that you have taken as a civilization that has brought you to a point in your world that human life has become disposable by the hand of man, as opposed to how you were created. It is only the Creator who has the authority to terminate life at any stage of life.

There is only one reason also why this failure to recognize the value of life has permeated mankind. The evil one, my enemy and your enemy, has permeated your culture and has insinuated into your belief systems a flagrant disregard for the value of human life.

Through your governments, your institutions, and even in your schools of learning, the evil one has insinuated himself and his evil deeds into your systems of knowledge, so that many of you have fallen asleep to the reality that all life is sacred and is a gift from the Father in Heaven.

You may ask why is it that terrible things are happening in your world in these times, and I say to you that all of the ills of mankind that are befalling upon you in these times are because of the flagrant disregard of mankind for the value of human life.

As a civilization, you have a responsibility now to change the direction of the future of the world by transforming the world from a culture of death to a culture of life that respects all life from the moment of conception to the termination of natural life that you call death. Only by recognizing the principle of life in all of your affairs can you restore a sense of morality and order to a world that is now engaged in self-destruction.

Only through your prayers and your commitment to all life can you expect to see that the world will become a better place for all mankind by restoring the sanctity of life to your civilization that has fallen so far from the path that has been ordained for you by the Father in Heaven.

I come to you as the Son of the Father, the Redeemer of the world, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, and I speak to you with the highest authority that all of you must heed the importance of recognizing the sanctity of life, if you are to return to the plan of the Father in Heaven that will necessarily bring about a loving future for all of mankind.

So be it!

Message ended 9:46am

Jesus The Redeemer