All Souls Day at the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, St. Rosalie’s Church, Hampton Bays, NY, 1:45pm

Message from Jesus the Redeemer 

My son,

I have called you here from the Meditation Garden to this holy place within the church, where I reside for all of you to partake in the most divine connection between you and your Lord and Saviour through the sacrifice of the Holy Mass, as well as, and most importantly, through the preparation of the host and the chalice to present you with the true body and blood of the Risen Christ, a connection that will forever bind you, who recognize your Redeemer, to an eternal life with your Lord and Saviour, as it has been ordained by the Holy Father in Heaven.

Today is a day of celebration for all of the souls of humanity, who have passed on from their mission in this world to the afterlife, where all of you are intended to spend all eternity in the loving presence of your Creator. Alas, in these times, there are so many of God’s children, who not only deny His existence, but who also cast aside even a belief in the eternal life.

It is for this reason that so much greed and materialism have taken over a world dominated by those in power and control, who have forgone any interest in the true eternal life for a greedy, miserly, and temporary existence in your earthly realm; an existence that is so fleeting and quick in the greater context of what the Father in Heaven has intended for each and every one of you throughout your eternal existence.

What has become most important for many of you in this humanity are your creature comforts in the material world. But remember that these comforts of which you seek are only temporary and will not last through even your own earthly lifetimes. Particularly now, in these times, you must recognize that life here on earth itself is fleeting and the things that many of you value the most will disappear over time.

So what is it then that you should be planning for in these times? Most of all, you should be planning for your eternal life in the Heavenly Realms. What else can you think of that is more important? You undoubtedly will be experiencing many events now in your earthly life that will continue to show you that this material world is fleeting and without substance, except as a journey in which you express your undying love for your Lord and Creator.

Think of all the events that are happening in your world now. Do these events cause you to pause and think of your eternal destiny? I’m sure that they do. So what is it that you must consider then?

You must consider what is most important to you right now, right here, on planet Earth. What should be most important to you is the love of your family; next, the love of your neighbor and friends; and next would be your love for all of humanity, despite the sinfulness of the world. But over and above all of this, you must recognize that it is the love of your Father and Creator that allows you to express your love as God has intended you to do.

I want you to recognize that ever since God has created the living souls that have been imbued into your earthly bodies, mankind has been on a journey that eventually leads to the Heavenly Kingdom. Ever since the beginning of humanity here on Earth, all of you have transitioned and continue to transition to the Heavenly Kingdom through the deaths of your physical bodies.

For those of you who are still living on Earth, you have been preceded to the Heavenly Kingdom by your ancestors and loved ones throughout all of the history of humanity. Soon it will be your turn to make the transition at the end of your earthly life. This knowledge and information should be the most important thought on your mind at every moment of the day. You will soon join your brothers and sisters, who have passed on before you into the eternal realms, and you are eternally connected to all of your brothers and sisters in the eternal realms. It is through this connection that you must honor and recognize your connection to your brothers and sisters on this particular day that you celebrate as All Souls Day.

The most important way for you to connect with your loved ones, as well as with all of the members of humanity who have come home to the eternal realms, is through the reception of the gift of life that I had presented to you during my earthly life, the gift of the Holy Eucharist. As your Saviour and Redeemer, I offered you the first Holy Communion, so that this gift shall be carried on for all of humanity even until the end of time.

So to you, my son, I ask you to recognize that here in this Eucharistic Chapel you have a place here on Earth that brings you closer to your Lord, Saviour, and Redeemer better than any other way that is available to you. Cherish the reception of the Holy Eucharist as your greatest connection to my Sacred Heart. For it is through the reception of the Sacred Body and Blood that the Father in Heaven will imbue you with His greatest gift to you, a life and love that is available to all of you, who seek to honor your Lord and Saviour.

I ask you to spend as much time as you can with me in the chapels throughout the world where my presence is revered and recognized, for it is through presenting yourself to be in my presence that the keys to the Eternal Kingdom will be yours.

Go in Peace with a heart filled with precious love and prepare for the future of humanity. You are living in the most exciting times, and your Lord and Saviour will oversee the activities of all of humanity, as you are ushered into an Era of Peace.

Message ended 2:12pm