1, 2019 @ 3:00pm – All Saints Day

Garden, St Rosalie’s Parish, Hampton Bays, New York

Lady of Light

My dear son,

I come to you today on All Saints Day as well
as on the eve of All Souls Day, for I want to remind you once again that it is
on these two days of the year that I assist many of your brothers and sisters
in their journey to Heaven.

These days are a time for reflection on all of
your brothers and sisters through time that have made the journey here to Earth
and have struggled with the experience of living in a physical body, as well as
the transition to your Heavenly Home, where the physical is released from the soul
and the glorious journey with the Father in Heaven is achieved.

I ask all of you as powerful prayerful warriors
to pray especially on these two days for your brothers and sisters as well as
for yourselves so that your journey here on Earth, as well as your journey home,
is rewarded with the Beatific Vision and the promise of the Eternal Paradise
for such is the desire of your Creator that you return to the Heavenly Realms
which is your home. Thanks be to God!

In the meantime here on Earth, My Son’s Church
is in great crisis because the leaders of the Church have become infiltrated by
the evil one and his demonic minions who are hell-bent to destroy My Son’s
Church and to replace it with their new world order church which is not of the
Father in Heaven, nor of His Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of all mankind.

The crisis has become so severe that even the
Vicar of My Son’s Church in Rome has lost his way and has embraced the works of
My Son’s enemy. The Vicar of My Son’s Church has succumbed to embracing the new
world order of the global elites who are doing the bidding of the evil one here
on Earth.

The signs and warnings that the current Vicar
was weakening and misleading the flock became apparent several years ago when
he first publicly embraced the evils of the new world order. Since then through
his pontificate, he has become increasingly not only a part of the problem in
My Son’s Church but even a leader who is leading God’s children astray because
he has lost sight of the mission of My Son’s Church to lead all of God’s
children in the saving of their souls with a concentration on the divine
journey as opposed to the earthly journey.

The Vicar has lost his way by concentrating on
the earthly journey and on social justice issues rather than concentrating on
the saving of souls.

For this reason, I ask of you My Children that
you center your spiritual journey here on Earth on My Son as your Saviour and
Redeemer and to not rely on anyone but Him to ease your journey and your return
to the Father in Heaven.

Do not desert My Sons’ Church but don your
armour and prepare for the journey ahead to defend My Son’s Church which will
not be destroyed by the evil one and his minions, for the Church will arise
again when the battle is fought during these End Times.

My Son’s Church will arise again through the
works of all of you My Children from the least among you to the most prayerful
among you.

The Church of My Son will arise again after
these difficult times ahead through those of you who are the Powerful Prayer Warriors
who clearly see the vision of the Father in Heaven to bring His Son’s Church
through these end times from where the Church will arise stronger than ever
with the assistance of your prayers and good intentions.

The Church of My Son is the foundation upon which
you will all contribute to rebuilding My Son’s Church as it otherwise crumbles
around you.

Do not lose sight of the fact that the Father
in Heaven is in charge, and He will see to it that His Son’s Church will
survive and be stronger because of all of you, the faithful remnant, who will
sustain My Son’s Church through these end times.

The journey will be difficult as you already
know but be assured that that Father in Heaven, His Son Your Redeemer, your
Heavenly Mother and all the Angels and the Saints are praying for all of you
who do not desert My Son’s Church, for all of you shall inherit the Eternal Paradise
that the Father in Heaven has promised you.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 3:25pm


November 1, 2019


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