November 1, 2014 – All Saints Day

St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel, Costa Mesa, California, at 6:00pm

 Our Lady of Light

 My dear son,

It was on this day a mere nine years ago that I appeared to you on the mountain of LaSalette to convey to you a message of importance for you to address to the people of the world. My message to you from LaSalette was and continues to be the continuation of the message of warning that I conveyed to the children of LaSalette, Melanie and Maximum, on September 19, 1846, which was exactly 100 years before the date of your birth, September 19, 1946. I hope you see the importance of this connection, of my choosing you to continue the message of LaSalette to the people of the world.

 The warnings that I conveyed to the children of LaSalette were not heeded by my Son’s Church, nor by the leaders and priests of my Son’s Church at that time, and the future unfolded with the events taking place that I warned about, because of the sins of mankind and the failure of God’s children to heed the warnings of LaSalette. Now in your time through my messages to you and my messages to many others, I continue the warnings that I had made to the children in 1846 and to you just nine years ago.

 The people of the world must focus on my mission and my warnings, particularly through the messages of LaSalette at this time, for the warnings that I had prophesied to you, as well as to the children, have been coming true now in your current times, because you are now in the End Times, as has been predicted to the people of the world since the ancient times. The people of the world must heed my warnings at LaSalette, because more of the terrible events of which I had spoken at LaSalette are soon to come true also in your times, just as I had predicted.

 The people must study the messages of LaSalette to prepare for the future that is now upon you. I do not say this to strike fear into the hearts and souls of the believers, but to prepare you for the difficult times ahead. Very shortly now and in the passage of time over the next year, many significant events will take place, as I had forewarned over a century ago on the mountain of LaSalette. So you, my children, must prepare for these events in the near future.

 You must prepare in the ways that I have told you to prepare before. You must first prepare your souls for the difficult journey ahead through your prayers by praying most powerfully in these end times for the safety of your family members, your loved ones, and your friends, for the times ahead will be difficult for all of you. You must prepare for the increasing chaos and confusion that the evil one will be inflicting on the people of the world, particularly for those of you who are living so comfortably in the Unites States of America.

 The sins of the citizens of this country are coming to bear now on your country. You can no longer blame only the leaders of your country for the events that are happening and are going to happen in the future, although many of them have been acting and continue to act in league with the evil one. These are the minions of the evil one who have taken control of the United States, as well as the other wealthy nations of the world, and it is their actions that are bringing about the terrible events that will lead to the chaos, confusion, and disorder in your country that has been predicted.

 It is particularly because of the sin of abortion, the killing of the innocents in the womb, that the terrible events will be unleashed in order to bring about the cleansing of your country, as well as the whole world to bring the people of the world back into the fold of the Holy Father in Heaven, who wants only the best for His children.

 Nonetheless, the children of your country have turned their backs on the Father in Heaven, as well as His Son, the Redeemer of the world, and on your Heavenly Mother. I am committed to see my children through these difficult times ahead, as long as my children turn to me with powerful prayers for the future safety and security of this nation, as well as the whole world.

 I know that the Father in Heaven intends only the best journey for all of His children, and it is my intention, as well as my Son’s intention, to see all of you through the Great Transformation for all of humanity that will soon take place.

 I leave you with this final message for these End Times: You must become powerful, prayerful warriors for the Father in Heaven to see the world through the Great Transformation that is about to take place. When the necessary events do indeed take place, the children of God will be triumphant in the end, because you have joined forces with your Creator to defeat the enemies of all that is good.

 Thanks be to God!

 Message ended: 6:26pm