Mary’s Chapel, Eastern Point Retreat House, Gloucester, Massachusetts at 11:00pm

My dear son,

I have brought you to this sacred place on this late evening for a very important message on the Feast of All Saints and on the eve of All Souls Day, for it is on these two days that I bring many souls with me up into the Heavens. For it is also on these two days that many of you, my children, pray for your loved ones and your dearly departed who have left the earthly world, and for those who have transitioned to the Eternal Realms, where many of you will spend Eternity relishing your existence in the arms of God the Father.

I must now turn to the most important message that I need to convey to all of humanity on this evening. It is a message of warning to all of the faithful to pray fervently, particularly for the souls of the children of this generation. As many of you are already aware, this generation of young people in these times has deserted a life of prayer and recognition of the Father in Heaven, of His Son, who sacrificed His life here on Earth for all souls, and of the Holy Spirit who has descended so powerfully in these End Times due to all of the sins on Earth.

However, the young people of the world for the most part have rejected their spiritual nature and have been swallowed up in the morass of life that the evil one has planned to counteract the plans of the Father. Young people today have lost their way because of all the sins in the world and the influence that sinful pleasures have taken in turning their lives away from their true spiritual nature.

This is happening because your children from the earliest of ages are being taken over and controlled by those who exert power and influence in this world doing the beck and call of the evil one. These minions of the evil one have turned their ways and lives over to do his work, because they have sold their values away to receive power and material wealth at the expense of their souls, but alas, for them, only to be enriched temporarily in this world at the expense of their eternal place in Heaven.

Pray that the Lord and Saviour has great mercy for their souls at their time of judgment, for they have wrought a terrible world for your young children. And what is it that drives these individuals to commit such crimes against the children of the world? It is their search for dark power and control fueled by their avarice and greed.

I know that it is difficult for many of you to understand how pernicious and insidious this power and control over your children is, because it is beyond many of you to believe that there exists among you those who take pleasure and reward from causing so much spiritual harm to the young ones.

However, you must be aware of their works. In your films and television, in your books and magazines, alas, in all of the vehicles of information that disseminate information from the largest and most powerful media conglomerates, there seems to be an unlimited and never ending stream of pornography and filth, of violence and war, of sins of all natures that are being offered to the children of the world to titillate them in ways that the Lord and Saviour never intended for His children.

You may ask how this could be so? How can those who are also children of God plan to enrich themselves at the expense of the souls of the young? It is because they are doing the work of the evil one, and because it brings them temporary and frivolous rewards, but it also gives them a sense of power and control over the rest of you, a sense of entitlement that those who are doing the evil one’s work are better than all of the rest of you.

How could this be, one might ask? It is because from the earliest of ages now, your children are being turned over to the media conglomerates to keep the children busy while the parents are also permitting themselves to focus on other and less important things in life. Not that you cannot spend the time to provide for the food, clothing, and shelter of your children, but such time has become overwhelming because of the lures for material wealth and pleasure. Therefore, the simple things in life that were cherished by family members of your ancestors are cherished no longer.

The world has been turned upside down by the evil one, and now it is the children of the world who are paying the price of this evil system of control; an evil system promulgated by the media giants that is telling you how to think, how to spend your money, and how to live, but this is not only being done to those of you who are older, but not necessarily, therefore, that you are wiser, it is also being done with great harm to the children.

And what are the results? The children, not only do they no longer pray to the Lord or attend Church, many of them have now turned to dark spiritual places and have become involved in witchcraft and sorcery, in seances and spells, and in rituals and incantations that are from the church of satan. Alas, the children of the world have not only forsaken the Father in Heaven, many of them have become legion with the evil one himself.

How it brings tears to my eyes to see what is happening to humanity overall, but mostly the tears flow from my eyes for the children who at increasingly younger ages are falling victim to the attacks of the evil one.

Unfortunately, the conditions exist as they are because of what many of you have done directly or indirectly to contribute to this morass that has fallen upon humanity.

It is for this reason that the Father in Heaven is now interceding more powerfully to bring about a change in this world and His change is coming very powerfully, very forcefully, and ultimately with complete victory over the evil and tyranny against God that exists in the world today.

However, the Father in Heaven is counting on those of you who still hear His call to answer the Angel’s Trumpet and become part of God’s plan to bring a New Heaven and a New Earth to humanity in these End Times.

The Peace of the Lord be with you!

Message ended 11:29pm

Our Lady of Light