Southampton Pines, East Quogue, New York at 8:00am

My dear son,

I come to you today with a great stirring in my heart for the people of the world, for it is a sad time for all of humanity on this very important feast day in the Church of my Son, the Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ.

We are now in the times when the followers of my Son are going through great struggles, pains, and sacrifices because of all the sins of the world throughout all times that have been committed by my children in defiance of the Father in Heaven and His love and divine guidance for all of you.

I have great empathy for my children for I know how difficult it is living in this world in these times of greed and corruption. It is a time now when it seems that the gates of Heaven are very far and distant from all of you, but I must assure you, my faithful ones, that the difficult times that you are going through will soon come to pass. So I ask of you to keep focused on the goal that is your mission in life to do the best that you can do now, for the gates of Heaven are attainable for those who listen to my messages and those who do the bidding of my Son.

I recognize that you are all going through difficult times now and that your problems in life are leading many of you to despair and to think that all is hopeless, but keep in mind why you are here on Earth.

Recognize that the material comforts of the world will dissolve over time, sooner or later, and this then is a time when the importance of leading a spiritual life in a material world becomes obvious to you, for the things of this earth are transitory and will disappear over time.

Many of you are going through great struggles and disappointments with your family members and friends and you are feeling as if you are under constant attack from the evil one.

Well, it is true; such is the case that the evil one has raised his level of attacks on all of God’s children because he recognizes that the final battle is near. At this time, he wants to cull down and plow through the Lord’s children to create as much destruction and despair as he can. So you will feel more under attack and in more despair and disappointment in these times, because of the situations that have developed within your personal and family relations, and among your friends and trusted ones that seem to be ripping at the very good will and nature of humanity.

These are all signs of the times that you are in, and you must know that these situations and struggles will also pass over time, as the great stirring that I speak of becomes a great shaking that leads to a powerful manifestation of the Lord and Saviour in your lives.

Therefore, it is more important now than in any other time in humanity for all of the Lord’s sons and daughters to pray powerfully to get through these times and these difficult struggles. Concentrate first on repairing the damage and despair that is taking place within your families and among your loved ones for the greatest and most important mission for each and every one of you is to pray for and to support your own family members and loved ones in these difficult times.

Next, it is important that you renew your bonds of friendship and a prayerful relationship with your friends and those who have been close to you. These are the times that call for all people to recognize the importance of the End Times by responding to your loved ones, your family members, and your friends in a prayerful and loving manner, so that each and every one of you are prepared to rely on each other for the troubling times in which you find yourself.

It is the nature of all of you to be loving and kind, and to be trustworthy and helpful to those you love. Recognize now that these attributes are of great importance.

I call upon all of you my sons and daughters to renew your relationships with each other under the mantle of your Mother’s Love so that you renew humanity globally by practicing your love for each other at home, so that the Love of the Father in Heaven can be manifested across the Earth by each and every one of you individually, and, therefore, collectively. Then the love of all the Father’s children will bring about the final defeat of the evil one and his minions and restore the Original Order of Creation for all of you here on Earth, as originally intended by the Father in Heaven.

Finally, I want all of you to know that these times of great struggle are necessary for you to experience to attain the attributes of love and humility that are necessary to gain access to the gates of Heaven. It is through your love for each other and your humility that you will display to your Heavenly Father that it is your commitment to do His work here on Earth until you reach your final reward in Heaven.

I come to you today as the Lady of Light whose mission is to spread the Light of the Father in Heaven through His Son, the Saviour, to all of humanity to bring God’s love to you in these times.

Message ended: 8:25am

Our Lady of Light