The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 3:00pm

Lo and Behold! The times are now upon the face of the Earth as has been predicted by the greatest of the biblical prophets and by the newer prophets of the End Times.

For you are now in the End Times of which the prophets speak. Do you in your own foolishness or in your arrogance or in your inability to recognize the signs of the times intend to continue to stick your heads in the sands? For the sands of time have run out on humanity. You no longer have the option of burying yourself in the mundanities of your human existence.

The Father in Heaven; the Son as Redeemer of the World; the Holy Spirit as He is powerfully manifesting to you; Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven; and I as the humble servant hereby command you to pay close attention to what I am about to say:

The time is now up for humanity to answer the call of your heavenly sources who have been providing you with grave warnings for decades, nay centuries. The times are now, not tomorrow, and not yesterday, for you to be ever so vigilant and to discern the signs of the times that are blatantly manifested before you.

The dark forces that have taken over the material world are rearing their ugly snakeheads in a pompous arrogance that shows no humility or deference to the Holy Trinity. These snakeheads of the End Times are operating both in the spiritual world as well as in your physical world to attempt to ruin the plans of the Father for all humanity.

Alas, they will be defeated in due course. Their battle in Heaven has already been lost and now their battle here on Earth is being waged as the waterloo of satan – the final battle for these times – in which I, St. Michael the Archangel, will cast satan, lucifer, their demons, and their minions into the fires of hell. I will assist in ushering in the Era of Peace by assisting the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, along with your Heavenly Mother in crushing not only the snakehead of satan but also the multiple snakeheads of humanity who have been attempting to interfere with the Father’s plans for all humanity.

In your current world events, in your governments, and in your politics, the signs of the dark one have been manifesting themselves quite clearly. But many of the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven have been blindly following the new world order leaders. With fish scales in your eyes, you have been refusing to listen to the prophets of the new times, as supported by the prophesies of the Bible, in recognizing that the dangerous signs of the new world order are now flagrantly flaunted before you as the power brokers aligned with the dark one attempt to reach their final stages of control over all of humanity.

These signs are readily thrust upon you in your daily activities through your media; your business world; your economies, and through your politics.

It is time for all of humanity to wake up to the deceit of the dark forces that are planning to dominate the world and to subjugate all of you under their dictatorial control over all of humanity to reduce all of you to a feudal system that is godless and demonic in its origins.

It is time for all of humanity to wake up to the deceit of the evil one for the time is growing short for humanity to experience a painful, yet rewarding transformation of all that there is. The manifestation of this great event must necessarily be preceded by an awareness and a recognition of all of humanity to the forces of darkness and evil that are perpetrating themselves among you in these very times.

The Holy Spirit has been working with and through many of you during these troubling times charging many of you with the mission to inform all of your brothers and sisters to the evil that has infiltrated your governments, your institutions, your schools and universities, and your means of communication. Alas, all of the institutions of the modern world have been infiltrated by the darkness of the evil one, including many of your churches and other places of worship.

It is time for you now to wake up to the urgencies of the world and to defeat this evil system that is brainwashing you into an existence of soulless and godless subjugation to the forces of evil that are attempting to control all of you.

It is time now, not tomorrow, to set aside your earthly and mundane activities and to focus your attention on the prayer and mediation that is offered to you through the power of the Holy Spirit so that you can begin to recognize the enemies that are among you.

It is time for you to recognize that the dark forces have been very crafty in pitting blacks against whites, and other ethnic groups against each other. They have fostered a worldly atmosphere of distrust and dissension among the peoples of the world with the ultimate goal of creating more conflicts and violence and wars in this world.

You are now close to the times that they have chosen to cast all of the world once again into a horrible world war by fostering hatred and fear among the peoples of the world. They are using the mass media globally now to instill fear among the peoples of different colors, of different races, and of different religions. For in manipulating all of you into conflicts between peoples of different beliefs and faiths they deceive you into fighting wars that never should have begun.

This time, all of you who have received the inspiration and the calling of the Holy Spirit have the God given opportunity to defeat the real dark forces that have been operating around you in a shadowy background of manipulation and control over the peoples of the world.

It is time for all of you to end this deceit of humanity. Your first weapon to defeat the dark forces is to become enlightened and knowledgeable as to their dark plans. Through prayer and meditation, and the gifts of discernment that come with these prayerful activities, you will begin to recognize who the true threats to humanity are. They are the power brokers of the world; the self-proclaimed masters of the universe, who believe that they are now in their final plans to subjugate all of humanity and to enslave all of you in a feudal system in which they will dominate the world through the dark forces with which they have held legion in secret cults for many centuries.

But now, all of you, the sons and daughters of the true Father in Heaven must rise up with your prayerful arms and defeat the dark forces, not only through your awakened knowledge of who they are, but more so through the power and influence of your prayers.

Prayer, fasting, and sacrifice are the weapons that humanity needs now to take on the dark forces of satan. His instruments of despair, fear, loathing, self-hatred, and other negative energies have so afflicted his minions that you, the powerful prayerful warriors of the Lord, will defeat the dark one and his minions through your acts of LOVE for God, your neighbors and friends, as well as for your families. For it is the LOVE of the Father in Heaven that is the most powerful force of the Universe. Think LOVE and you shall conquer the darkness and the evil.

The Father in Heaven has a plan – a plan that includes all of you to work now for the betterment of humanity. Set aside your worldly distractions now. For now it is time for change, the change that is offered to you by the plan of the Father in Heaven for all humanity. The only change that is needed in this world at this time is a change that leads all of humanity back to the Original Order of Creation.

There is no new world order that is designed for humanity by the Father in Heaven. The new world order is a bogus and counterfeit attempt by dark and sinister forces to spit in the face of the Lord, as the soldiers did to the Son and Redeemer as they crucified Him. His journey here on Earth marked the beginning of the end of the dark forces that have plagued humanity for thousands of years.

How fortunate all of you are to be living in these turbulent times despite the fears that you may be experiencing. My message to you is FEAR NOT! For the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ the Redeemer of the world, is very much with you in these times. He is still with you as guided by the Father in Heaven to transform all of you during these times to usher in the Era of Peace. For many of you in prayer have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, which is also operating among and within many of you to also usher in the Era of Peace.

Many of you have been visited by Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven. For in these times, the Queen of Heaven fulfills a highly important role in the transformation through her intercession in crushing the head of the evil one.

So recognize that these are powerful and awesome times. Wake up to the reality of what is happening around you. The time is growing short to answer the call of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The time is short to respond to the messages of Our Lady in Heaven.

And I, St. Michael the Archangel, command you in these times to take up your prayerful arms and contribute to the defeat of the evil one and his dark forces. It is up to all of you now to usher in the Era of Peace.

I come to you today as St. Michael the Archangel, the Defender of the Faith, the Protector of the Holy Eucharist, and the Leader of the Most Holy Angels on High, the Legion of Good Angels that will defeat the fallen angels and cast them into the pits of perdition.

Rejoice and be glad for your rewards shall be great in the Heavenly Kingdom

St. Michael The Archangel

Message ended 3:50pm