The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 4:00pm

I come to you today in a vision as The Lady of Victory as I appeared in the vision to you in France on the sacred hillside of the Sacred Heart of my Son in April. Do you see in this vision of me that I am gloriously enthroned as the Queen of Heaven surrounded by powerful angels who are with me for all eternity? Can you doubt by the splendorous image before you that for all eternity those who believe in my mission and my messages to humanity will find happiness, yes, eternal happiness in the heavenly realms?

Now you must notice more closely that I am shedding tears for humanity and that my heart is heavy today as I speak to you about the future of humanity. Yes, I am appearing to you today shedding tears as I shed tears before the children of La Salette so many years ago. You will remember that I also appeared to you with a very important message for all of mankind just one year ago today.

Yet, my messages to you and my messages to all of your brothers and sisters who are open to hearing my words, my messages, are still going unheeded among the people. The deafness of the people to hear my messages goes back to the ancient times as well as the most recent of times and the messages to you are still so much the same as they were before.

My heart is heavy today because I am in mourning for all the children of the world who are deserting my Son and His Church and are turning their lives more resolutely to the material world which is filled with vices and corruption that is the work of the evil one.

Woe to the parents of the children for they have also deserted the Church of my Son and are not leading their children to grow in a proper way with a knowledge and love of my Son. So much is wrong in the world today as a result of the creeping materialism and greed of your means of communication. Your children are being corrupted day in and day out by the media, by the television and film, and by the books and magazines that are stripping away the innocence of the children unmercifully.

Yes, this is the work of satan, of the evil one, and his existence and his mission is not even recognized by the very producers of his works who through their own ignorance and motivation for material riches are producing the books, magazines, and films that are ruining this entire generation of youth, and the pervasiveness of this filth is so complete that satan’s works are permeating the entire world so that there is no region or area of the earth that is untouched by his demonic works.

What are you to do in this crisis? As always, your prayers are needed mostly; prayers for the children of the world. Only through the power of prayer will you be able to make a difference in this climate of filth and degradation. You may ask how can prayer alone make a difference and my answer to you is that only prayer can make a difference. So recognize that all of the brothers and sisters of humanity must wake up to the call for prayer to save the children’s souls from losing the love of my Son for eternity. You must make a difference now in your children’s lives to change the course of events that is happening.

The time will come in the not too distant future when it will be too late to reach out to your children for you will be so involved in your own salvation, each one of you individually, that you will not be able to help and assist others; you will not be able at that time in the future to evangelize to those who have fallen away from my Son; and you will not be able at that time to bring my Son to those upon the face of the earth who are not aware of His existence.

So the time is now for you to evangelize and bring the spirit of my Son more fully into the world so that many souls may be saved through your own individual efforts. Do you realize now the importance of your prayerful activities? Do you recognize that the very weight of my Son’s cross is upon your shoulders in this regard?

If you believe in me and you believe in my Son, do you not recognize that all of the other activities that you are pursuing in this world must take second place to your responsibility to your brothers and sisters to bring my Son into their lives, so that they may also share in the eternal happiness that comes to those of you who follow me and my Son?

Much is happening in the world at this time that is causing you great concern. There is war now throughout the world just as I had predicted to all of you. The wars will continue to be waged because my messages to humanity are falling on deaf ears.

Think of your children, the young ones of today who will be forced to become the soldiers of tomorrow by your leaders because your leaders refuse to listen to the words of the Lord to no longer bear arms against your enemies without seeking a peaceful resolve to your conflicts.

Your need to defend yourselves has become exceeded by efforts to capitalize and profit from the conquest of other peoples. This has been the problem in the world since ancient times with leaders taking advantage of the people to exercise domination and control over others.

Has the world not learned from the life of my Son that you do not lead, you do not control, and you do not win over the hearts and minds of the people through aggression and war? Oh, why is it that the leaders do not recognize the folly of their ways? What they hope to achieve through war and domination will be lost to them in the blinking of an eye when they are called to stand before their Lord and Maker. The foolishness of their ways will become self-evident to them at that point in eternity but, alas, the damage and destruction will have already been wrought by the dye that they cast.

Note: Interruption of message. Our Lady’s tears flow more fully.

Now you see how my tears are flowing for all my children. I plead and I beg of you to stop the violence and the bloodshed before it is too late. I ask all of you to focus your energies on praying powerfully in these times to achieve peace and serenity for all humanity. The violence and carnage and death, particularly to the innocent children of the world, must be brought to an end.

I come to you now as the Lady of Light. Help me to spread my Light around the world through the power of your prayers. Help me and assist me in bringing the Light of my Son and the Eternal Light of God the Father so that the loving Light of Divine Mercy can be spread like a mantel over the entire earth.

Allow this mantel of God’s love and eternal mercy to descend upon you to bring an end to all wars and to return all of God’s children around the world to an Era of Peace here on Earth. Bring an end to the reign of satan upon humanity. Remember that his reign has already been brought to an end in the Eternal Realms and that he is breathing his last breath of darkness upon humanity.

Now only you, only all of you here on Earth can bring the final chapter of satan’s reign to a close. Only through your prayers will his end come quickly for all of humanity.

Heaven is waiting for humanity to answer the call to end satan’s reign.

Now what is it that is holding you back from achieving the Fathers’ goal for humanity?

Begin to pray now and pray powerfully for an end to all wars and violence. The future of humanity is now in your hands for the Era of Peace is a partnership between the Creator and his created souls. The Creator has given you the tools to be victorious. Take up the tools of prayer that are provided to you and bring about the victory of the Lord for all of humanity!

I come to you today as the Lady of Light. Please respond to my call!

Our Lady of Light

End 4:37pm