May 2, 2015 at 11:55pm

Los Angeles, California, USA

Our Lady Queen of Heaven

I come to you at this late hour as the Queen of Heaven, and especially at this time under the title of Queen of Heaven, because this is the month of May, when we celebrate my position as the Mother of God and as the Queen of Heaven, but I wear this title in all humility before you, my children, because of the responsibility that I have to all of you to assist in your salvation, that is each and every one of you, who are my children, as well as my brothers and sisters here on Earth.

In this month of May, I want you to petition your prayers to be raised up to Heaven, especially to the Father in Heaven to bring His power and His almighty influence to guide the Pontiff in Rome in these perilous times.

As you know, my son, this message to you has been fraught with peril, because of the demonic influences that are attempting to prevent you from communicating this very important message to your brothers and sisters.

The reason for the gravity and seriousness of this message is the fact that the Pontiff in Rome, His Holiness Pope Francis, is falling under the influence of advisors, who are not living true to My Son’s Church and My Son’s teaching. There is a great potential for the Pontiff to err in his judgment at this most critical time, because his advisors are not conveying the truth to Pope Francis in very critical areas and in many critical subjects that are of interest to humanity.

In particular, these advisors have fallen under the influence of worldly and powerful leaders and interests that are contrary to the plan of the Father in Heaven to release humanity from the grip of the evil one.

Alas, the smoke of satan has invaded the Vatican throughout the modern centuries, but now the influence of the evil one in the affairs of My Son’s Church has reached a perilous condition that is intended to divide the Church of My Son by perpetuating the plan of the evil one and his human minions, who are attempting to usher in a new world order and a new world church that is not the one true Church of My Son – through which He will lead the faithful followers through these critical end times.

For you are now well along the period of time referred to in prophecy as a time of Great Transition and Transformation that will lead all of you through what will soon be the most difficult spiritual times in the history of humanity, for the evil one has now released all of the demonic spirits and influences from the bondages of hell to permeate the Earth and to rally the minions of evil to promulgate their plans for a secular world – controlled by the evil one. All of these plans are intended to create more bondages and controls over God’s children. These plans are as sinister as the evil one can even imagine in his rush to destroy humanity.

I ask all of you to raise up your prayers during the month of May to protect the Pontiff in Rome, so that he recognizes with discernment, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to discern those around him, who are attempting to lead him astray. The Evil One is so cunning that he will use all of his opportunities to control and influence those who have reached the highest ranks of the hierarchy of My Son’s Church.

Many of these advisors, who are in high positions, are thirsting for power and more influence for themselves, while many are easily influenced and controlled by rich and powerful interests that recognize that My Son’s Church is the one true Church that stands in the way of the demonic plans for a one world secular government and a one world church that has been in the planning stages for over a century now and certainly as early as several centuries ago.

The followers of satan in positions of power and influence began their demonic plans to achieve a one world order by easily deceiving all of you, my brother and sisters, by insisting that what they are planning is for the benefit and welfare of all of you, when actually the opposite is their intention and plan which is to further enslave and control you.

So it is necessary then for you to influence the Pontiff’s decisions, because through your powerful prayers, the Pontiff may see the Light of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in all of his future decisions. You must also pray that the sinister members within the hierarchy of the Church are exposed of their duplicitous nature.

It is imperative that the Pontiff becomes more influenced by your prayers than by his advisors, who are misguiding him, because you are in the end times that require honesty and truthfulness within My Son’s Church, and not the deviousness and deception that is being planned to trick all of you, including your leadership within the Church.

Do not fall for the ill-conceived plans of the power brokers and political leaders, who are working hand in hand to destroy My Son’s Church in order to usher in their version of the one true church, but their church is a lie and the plan of the evil one.

I promise you, my brothers and sisters, that you will be successful in exposing the evil one and his minions and their plans that are the work of the anti-Christ. The Father in Heaven has always promised you a place in His heavenly kingdom but now the Father in Heaven is asking you to become engaged as powerful prayer warriors to defeat the evil in the world.

I give you now the opportunity to respond to the Father in Heaven through His Son the Redeemer of the world. As has been prophesied in ancient and modern times, the people of God’s Church must form the prayerful groups to combat all of the evil in the world.

You are at the point now in the end times when everything is coming into a crescendo of clashing interests and motives. For you my brothers and sisters, your intentions and motives must be pure, for you shall inherit the Earth, when the evil one and his minions are sorely defeated and purged from the face of the planet.

Thanks be to the Father in Heaven, and His Son the Redeemer of the world.

Please move forward and ahead with my blessings – for all of you are necessary to save the world from its own destruction.

Message ended 12:27am

May 3, 2015


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