Eucharistic Chapel, St. Monica Parish Church, Santa Monica, California at 1:00pm

Message from Our Lady of Light

I come to you today as your Lady of Light, for I bring the Light of the Father in Heaven to you today to bring about a glorious and wonderful change here on Earth for the future of the world, and for you my children, my brothers and sisters, who are so desperately in need of the Loving Light of the Father in Heaven in these end times, when so many events are happening that it seems that the world is spinning out of control, and in many ways, it truly is!

But I must ask you today to concentrate on what it is that the Father in Heaven is asking each and every one of you to do to be part of His Plan to save humanity from its own destruction.

Many of the Messages from Heaven are misleading many of you to focus on the fear of the unknown of future events. Many of you, incorrectly so, have become obsessed with knowing a time schedule of events that are to take place in the not-too-distant future.

Concern yourselves not with these events that you perceive will happen to you and your family members and friends. Your concern with a time frame and your fears are the work of the evil one, who is hell bent on wreaking havoc in your lives, because he knows how easily it is for you to focus on the wrong concerns for the future.

The future that you need to concern yourselves with is the future of your souls, and individually of your own soul’s journey in life, not just in this earthly life, but the life that is to follow in the Spiritual Realms, when your time here draws to a close. Keep in mind that your journey here on Earth is of a limited duration. However, your soul’s journey is eternal, and it is through this eternal journey, not just your journey here on Earth, that you will achieve a glorious and eternal future with the Father in Heaven.

I know that it is difficult for you to see the bigger picture in your soul’s journey, because of all of the distractions that are clouding your knowledge of who you are, why you are here on Earth, and what it is that the Lord and Saviour is asking of you. Keep in mind that your journey is eternal and call out to God in prayer and through meditation to understand what it is that the Father in Heaven is expecting of you in your earthly life.

This is the most important time in the history of humanity for all of God’s children to recognize that each and every one of you has been individually called by the Father in Heaven to be “a prophet to all nations” – for it is in these times that the great changes will take place to usher in a New Heaven and a New Earth. For these events to take place and for all of God’s children to be protected from the evil one during these end times, it is necessary now more than ever for each and every one of you to answer His call.

In these times, I am relying greatly on those of you who I have chosen to spread  God’s word through means of communication that have been blessed by the Father in Heaven to turn the tide of all the evil that has been promulgated in your times, particularly through film, television, books, magazines, and other means of communication that have been controlled by the evil one.

As a result of his evil works, my children here on Earth are being deceived by the mass media through a brainwashing technique that is designed to ease God out of your lives and to bring into your hearts, minds, and souls secular and hedonistic ideas that are promulgated by the evil one to seize as many souls as he can during these most trying times.

It is for this reason that I now call upon my children, my brothers and sisters, who have been called upon by the Lord to perform missions of communication to reach out to the children of the world with the word of God. Many of you are being inspired as writers and visionaries to communicate God’s message to His people.

Many of you are being called upon in many different ways to utilize your means of communication through film, television, books, magazines and other means to counteract the work of the evil one and to communicate with the peoples of the world what God wants them to hear, and see, and read, as opposed to the dark works of the evil one that are being promulgated to all of you by the masters who control your media sources, for they are the minions of the evil one and are doing his work to deceive all of you into a life of sin, of materialism and greed, and of hedonistic and sinful pleasures that will bring only darkness and despair into your lives.

So I now call upon all of you, who are inspired by the Lord, to communicate His messages to His children and to focus your energies in these times to bring your inspired works to your brothers and sisters around the world, for these are the times that are most important for the Lord and Saviour to spread His word to all of His children.

I ask all of you to prayerfully seek God’s wisdom and inspiration in your works. If you are inspired to write, or speak of, or to produce works that are God-inspired to communicate to God’s children, now is the time to spread His word through the inspiration that comes to each of you, who are so inspired by God to spread His word.

Now that the times have grown so short, it is necessary now more than ever before to spread God’s word to the peoples of the world. I hope and I pray that many of you will answer the call to spread God’s word.

For those of you who answer this call, you will be rewarded in the afterlife for having answered my call to you – for you will then be answering the call of your Father in Heaven. I wish all of you a prayerful and peaceful journey in these End Times!

Message ended 1:30pm

Our Lady of Light