May 1, 2014

Our Lady Queen of Angels
Eucharistic Chapel, Newport Beach, California, at 9:25am


St. Michael the Archangel


I am Michael the Archangel, the Protector of
the Church, and the Trusted and Loyal Servant of the Father in Heaven; the Son,
the Redeemer of the World; and His Heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary,
who is appearing to many of you in these End Times, for this is the most
important time period in the history of humanity.


You are all called as members of the Church of
Jesus Christ to rise up as powerful and prayerful warriors in these End Times,
for this is the time when the enemy of all that is good, satan, will be weakened
and finally banished from the face of the Earth.


I call upon all of you now to respect and
agree to Our Lady’s intentions for your world to bring about an Era of Peace,
for this is the intention of All Above in the Heavenly Realms. Therefore, I
call upon all of you to respect and obey Our Lady’s intentions that you devote
this month of May to Prayer, Fasting, and Contrition to bring about peace in
your world.


For you have an adversary in this regard –
satan is breathing his last gasps of breath and is hell bent on bringing the
world into a bloody and violent conflagration to once and for all annihilate
the peoples of the world. His minions are living among you, and many of them
are in positions of leadership and authority. In their hubris and ignorance of
their evil leader satan’s intentions, they are going about his work here on
earth to lead all of you into a third world war.


However, the minions of satan and the evil one
himself are underestimating the power of the good and decent people of the
world to defeat these evil plans and to bring about an Era of Peace for all of


This goal of lasting peace will not be easily
achieved. There will be a great warning, also known as the “Great Shaking,” which
will be the warning to all of you to heed the Heavenly Messages, which are encouraging
all of you to become the powerful prayerful warriors that the Father in Heaven
intends you to be.


The warmongers of your world acting in concert
with satan have many weapons of destruction, but their weapons will become
harmless and useless against the power of the prayers of the people of the
world. Their bullets and bombs will not defeat you. Your Prayers, Fasting, and
Contrition for your sins will ultimately defeat the evil of the world.


Know this, the most powerful weapon your opposition
has against you is their ability to deceive you and to give you the illusion that
they are more powerful than they really are. Their power comes from your
inability to recognize that what they are about is deceiving you of their true
intentions and by masking you from the knowledge that satan is their ultimate


But, Alas! Their leader is weakened, wimpy and
willowed by Our Lady in a blue dress, who holds this predatory beast at bay.
How weakened and wimpy, the slug of evil has become. Woe to those among you,
who continue to count on his evil that has permitted these minions and their
forbearers to institute a draconian system upon the peoples of the world, for
the power that they still seek from satan is now diminishing rapidly.


The evil power brokers of the world, who have
been manipulating the peoples of the world, are getting as desperate now as
their dark leader, because they recognize that their dark power is diminishing,
and they are panicking now, because their worldly plan to continue to dominate
and control all of you is crumbling before their eyes.


However, like caged animals, their desperation
makes them even more dangerous in these times, which is why they are hell bent
in executing their dark leader’s plan to throw the entire world into a third
world war conflagration, because they now fear the power of the people and the
retribution of the people, who are becoming increasingly more aware of their
dark plans.


The line is drawn in the sand now for you, the
people of the world, to take a stand against these world leaders and power
brokers, who are attempting to wage this colossal conflagration. Refuse to participate
along with the government that suppresses you, if your country is easily
perceived as an aggressor in this world.


It was never the intention of the Father in
Heaven that you should be warring among yourselves, and only through the deceit
and deception of the war mongers can they convince any of you to bear arms
against your neighbor; no matter where in the world your neighbor may be, for
you are all neighbors in the eyes of the Father in Heaven.


Your orders are clear. Set aside the month of
May at the request of Your Lady of Light in Heaven, who is asking all of you to
devote the month of May to Prayer, Fasting, and Contrition.


Your Prayers, your Fasting, and your Contrition
for your own sins, as well as the sins of the whole world, will create the
conversion of this world from a place ruled by the evil one to the world that
the Father in Heaven has created for you. Rise up in prayer and answer Your
Lady’s request to devote the month of May to saving the world from its own


So be it!


Thanks be to God!


St Michael the Archangel

Message ended 9:50am


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