Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York, at 3:00pm

Oh, Jesus of Divine Mercy hear my pleadings to you, for I am here to do your will!

My son,

It is by no small coincidence that you have been inspired to recognize the convergence of events on this day – May 1, 2011 – for today is indeed a momentous day in the history of humanity for many reasons both obvious to you and beyond your ability to comprehend, because you live in a world and in a reality that is separated from the Eternal Realms of the Father’s home in the heavenly paradise that awaits all of God’s children.

What you need to know – more than even the signs of the times that are so obvious to you – is that you are loved by your Father in Heaven as you are loved by Me, as I am the inspiration of the Father to convey to you in the earthly realms the representation of the pure Love of the Father for all of His children.

For many of you, I know, it is difficult for you to accept the presence of your Lord and Creator as all that is encompassed by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is important then for you to realize that your Heavenly Father has chosen to manifest Himself to you in many different ways including in the representations of the Three Persons of the Divine Spirit.

The most important lesson for you to learn from this mystery of the Holy Trinity is the supreme nature of God’s love for you, for it is the love that the Creator has for you that sustains your very existence; that gives you the hope to carry on despite enormous obstacles and circumstances; and that gives you the strength to prevail throughout your individual lives to conquer the evil that exists in the world and to sustain yourselves within the spirit of the Divine Nature that is infused in each and every one of you by your Father in Heaven, the Lord and Creator of all that there is.

Today, I am asking you to recognize that I am coming to each and every one of you in spirit in these times to fill you to overflowing with the love of the Father and in recognition of Divine Mercy as the principle that allows you to carry on in your earthly lives with a sense of knowledge that the fulfillment of your lives is dependent on you recognizing that the Father in Heaven has a mission for you to accomplish, that is, for each and every one of you as the children of the Father in Heaven.

Now you must recognize that the convergence of events that is happening so rapidly leads all of you to recognize that the culmination of the journey for all mankind in these times is coming to a pinnacle of events that will require you to make your stand with the Father in Heaven or with the evil one and with his fleeting domination and control over your earthly world.

For many of you, the choice will be quite simple because you have been living in the Light of the Father. You, therefore, have recognized that your lives have come under attack repeatedly in the most recent times because the evil one recognizes that his time is short, so he will use his powerful but dark influence over you to his advantage and he will utilize the craftiness and the dark skills of those who have chosen to be his minions to attempt to destroy you in spirit and soul.

Alas, the efforts of the dark one are fruitless, for the Divine Mercy of your Lord and Saviour will forgive you of your sins and free you from the bondages of this dark world in which you live.

Don’t you see now how the world is changing in dramatic and increasingly more intense ways? This is happening because we are, indeed, coming to a time when the speeding up of events will become increasingly more obvious to even those of you, who are most blind to your own individual spiritual nature.

The dark one has been successful in recent times in putting to sleep many of you in terms of your ability to recognize right from wrong. You have been manipulated and deceived by your leaders, and there are those dark souls among you, who are the most asleep and unaware of the love of the Father that they are doing the work of the evil one without recognizing who their tormentor actually is.

The evil one is real, but he has deceived many of you to not even recognize that he does exist. You must recognize that there are dark souls in your world who have fallen asleep and who are doing the work of the evil one. It is the responsibility of the rest of you who are attuned to the Father in Heaven that you pray powerfully for the intercession of your Father, of the Father’s Son, of the Holy Spirit, of your Heavenly Mother and of all the Angels and the Saints to powerfully intercede in these times to awaken those who have fallen asleep.

There are so many of you now, who are not aware that you are now in the immediate times when all that exists will change in the blink of an eye. Like a thief in the night, the changes will take place, suddenly and without warnings.

Although many of you sense that incredible events are about to happen, none of you will be forewarned at the expense of others. You, who have been given the gift of foresight, have an immediate responsibility to your brothers and sisters to do your mission as the Lord has commanded you, for events will happen soon in the blink of an eye and at a moment’s notice that will change your perception of reality from that point forward.

For those of you who have been preparing for this time of change, you must recognize now that you have important work to do to reach out to your brothers and sisters, to you family members and friends, and ultimately to all of God’s children here on Earth.

Many of you are hearing the trumpet call to do God’s work now, not later, for later may be too late, so adjust your earthly schedules now to conduct yourselves in a manner that recognizes the Lord’s agenda for you to perform while you set aside the mundane activities of your human existence.

For those of you who have been called, you know who you are! For those who remain in the dark and lack a sense of mission, perhaps you need to spend more time in prayer and meditation to discover whatever it is that the Lord and Saviour is expecting of you.

Keep in mind that this is a time of Divine Mercy. Live now with the courage and strength that is available for you to participate in doing God’s work through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prepare yourselves now for the difficult times ahead during the period of great transition. If you are at peace in your soul, and you are energized to action by the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mercy of your Lord and Saviour will lead you courageously through these challenging times.

Recognize now that I am with you in Spirit and that I am closer to each and every one of you than you may think. If you doubt me now, I ask you to call out to me through prayer and meditation. You must be nourished by My Love for you and rest in the assurance of the Divine Mercy that is being bestowed to each and every one of you, my brave soldiers in Christ.

I wish you God Speed on your journey as we approach the culmination of events that will usher in a New Heaven and a New Earth as has been promised to you!

Jesus of Divine Mercy

Message ended at 3:45pm