“The Rock” Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport NY at 7:15pm

I come to you this evening as your Lady of Light, and I come bearing promises to all of mankind that the Redeemer of all humanity, My Son, Jesus Christ, is appearing more prominently to many of you in preparation for the Great Transformation that is about to take place for all of humanity. So I ask each and every one of you to pray powerfully to discern your role in these times to assist in ushering in an Era of Peace for all of humanity.

For these are glorious times for you, my children, who have been given a special calling to be part of the greatest global transformation of humanity since the beginning of creation, so I ask of you to fear not. For the Father in Heaven is in charge of the Universe, and He has a plan designed for all of eternity to assist His children in bringing upon the Earth a new Era of Peace and prosperity that was always the intention of the Father in Heaven for all of His children.

The times are now upon humanity when great changes are already taking place. In the echoes that are reverberating throughout the core of your planet as a result of all the sins of the world to the rhetoric that you are hearing from the detractors of your faith, the evil one is gasping his last breaths of darkness upon your planet.

As many of you who are powerfully attuned to your faith know, the future of the darkness of the evil one is indeed, itself, dark and dim. For the light of my Son the Saviour will descend upon the planet and form a protective mantel upon the Earth that will create a loving and wonderfully fulfilling plan that will bring about the New Heaven and New Earth and a New Jerusalem for all of the followers of my Son, the one and only Saviour of all humanity.

It is during these times that you must be vigilantly aware that there are many false messiahs, who are planning to deceive you through their fear and through their trickery to divert you from the mission of the true Saviour of humanity, Jesus Christ. So in these times you must also be vigilantly aware of the plans of the Father in Heaven as proffered to humanity by my Son, for it is only through my Son Jesus that those who will participate in the kingdom to come will find salvation.

Be also aware of the dark plans of the so-called new world order and its leaders, who are actively and desperately attempting to employ an alternative plan in defiance of my Son. Recognize now the folly of their ways for their victories will only be minor and temporary, for ultimately the Saviour, Jesus Christ, shall prevail in implementing the plan of the Father in Heaven.

Be particularly aware of your health and the health of your family members, friends, and loved ones, for the dark followers of satan are attempting to control all of God’s children by controlling the very sources and supplies of natural resources necessary for humanity to survive in these times. Again, these minions of evil will not be successful, for as part of the Father’s plan for His children, many of you are being instructed to disseminate information necessary for the followers of Christ to protect their family members and friends from the plans to manipulate and control the food and water resources of the world.

You will be blessed with alternative ways of assuring for your health and the health of your family members and friends by listening to those who are being given instructions on how to prepare your foods in healthier ways, on how to preserve foods and other necessary sources of nourishment for the times ahead, and to assist you in learning to be knowledgeable to sustain yourselves when the times become more difficult and the resources become more scarce.

But, once again, I ask you to fear not for the Saviour will protect His children who are loyal to the Most Holy Trinity.

Most importantly, you must concern yourselves with becoming more knowledgeable in providing healing from all sicknesses and diseases by methods that have been provided to you from the most ancient times as well as from the Scriptures of the Bible for these are the times when the natural ways of healing will become more necessary for the times ahead.

As many of you are already aware, the globalist controllers of the new world order are attempting to provide draconian methods to control all of you by controlling your health care in ways that are really intended to control you without really healing you of the many illnesses and injuries that have befallen mankind, again, because of all the sins in the world.

Be watchful and leery of plans that are being offered to you for your health care, or of vaccines and pharmaceuticals that are being offered as miracle cures without any evidence or proof that they are really for the benefit of your health.

All of these protective measures are necessary for you to employ in these times because the agents of darkness, the purveyors of illness, have wrought a terrible plan to diminish God’s children from their rightful place as God’s children on the Earth, because they are planning a future draconian society of slavery for the many, while they believe they will increase their dominance and control over you.

Again, I must tell you to fear not. These masters of evil, who are filled with their greedy intentions, are making their plans in vain, for the Father in Heaven through His Son, your Saviour, will destroy the plans that have been implemented by the dark forces.

You must be vigilant in regard to all that I am mentioning here for the times are very close when you will have to be very vigilant concerning your own health and the health of your loved ones, and the way to achieve this success is by making the changes necessary for you to become more self-sustaining in terms of your food and water resources.

The Father in Heaven has always planned through the Original Order of Creation that all of His children would have proper nourishment and health care, yet, the agents of darkness are attempting to attack humanity now by seizing and controlling the food and water resources of the world and by manipulating these resources to the detriment of humanity.

Alas, their plans will ultimately fail, because you, my children, are becoming wise to their plans, and you can make a difference for the betterment and protection of your family members, friends and loved ones by keeping attuned to the Messages from Heaven that are enabling you to sustain yourselves during these tumultuous times.

I am presenting all of this information to you now because of the urgency of the times in which you live. Prepare now to sustain yourselves for the future. Listen closely now to how you are being inspired by the Father in Heaven to conduct yourselves to achieve the Father’s plan for all of you for the protection of His children by protecting your health and the health of you family members and friends. Listen closely and discern carefully the Messages from Heaven so that you will be able to make your own decisions regarding your food and water resources and your health care.

Once again, I must ask you to watch carefully what the enemies of the Father in Heaven are about in trying to control all of you with their ultimate plan to enslave all of humanity for the benefit of their master, the dark and evil one.

Stand tall now, Children of the Lord, as you prepare for these times, and kneel humbly before the Lord, and praise Him for the plan of salvation that is about to unfold. Live without fear now, for you know already that the Lord’s victory is near and the future calls you to a New Heaven and a New Earth.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 7:53pm

Our Lady of Light