The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 9:00pm

My Son,

I come to you this evening with a message of great urgency for the world. You are now in very tumultuous times for humanity. The forces of darkness that have been perpetuating among you for many centuries are now in the process of bringing their plans for world domination to fruition. But alas, their plans will be foiled because God the Father in the Heavenly Kingdom never intended for humans to exercise so much power and control over their fellow brothers and sisters.

When I walked upon the Earth among the brothers and sisters 2,000 years ago, the problems of the world were grave but very different from what you are experiencing now. Ever since God the Father was originally disappointed by His Creations, mankind has grown increasingly further and further away from the orderly plan for humanity as willed by the Father.

The Love, the Eternal Love of the Father, for all of His creations was available to all of humanity initially in a way that was self-evident to all human souls. But through the practice of free will, many among you through the ages have chosen to joust with God’s plan and to assume that you have the earthly right to assume a place of authority over mankind that is not from God the Father, but from the darkness of our enemies who have been cast out of the heavenly realms.

Throughout history these despots have manipulated and controlled brothers and sisters for the fulfillment of their own greedy and materialistic desires. When I walked among you 2000 years ago, the Brethren who followed me saw the folly of pursuing materialistic pleasures, and they elevated themselves above the fray of materialism that traps so many of you here on Earth in a pursuit of materialistic pleasures and distractions from your mission in life.

Now, in the world of today, because of the advances that mankind has made in your philosophies, your sciences, and your technologies, mankind has mastered many of the gifts that the Father foresaw for humanity in the future world. However, those among you, who have aligned yourselves with the dark forces, have gathered together in clandestine groups and societies that are hell bent in doing the work of the evil one by subjugating all of mankind to their service at the expense of individual freedoms and gifts that were bestowed upon all of you by the Father. These masters of the universe, as they call themselves in private conversations, are but pawns of the dark prince. Many of them are operating willingly in this regard, while many others among them are being fooled, even by their leaders, but who are still none the less doing the work of the evil one.

You are now being manipulated and controlled in the way you are being led to think; in how you are being asked to spend your money; and in how you are being told that morality and ethics have no place in a relativistic world that these princes and followers of darkness have designed and are now implementing to subjugate all of you to their desires and wishes.

They have set in place plans and strategies to control all of the resources of the world; the natural resources that are created by the land and the seas, as well as man-made resources that are the result of modern technology and improvements for the well-being of mankind.

However, their ways and means of regulating these resources are intended to create a global society of feudal subjects while benefiting only the self-proclaimed leaders of this movement. They have been operating in darkness and secrecy for many centuries, but they are now readying their plans and the implementation of these plans to the point that now many of you, my brothers and sisters, are becoming more and more aware that the evil one is afoot in the world through his legion of human slaves. They are the shadowy and sinister promoters of a new world order, an order that is opposite the plan of the Father, and an order that will only create the chaos of the evil one in your world.

Those of you who are attuned to this sinister conspiracy against mankind have a spiritual and earthly responsibility to sound the alarm to your brothers and sisters for the fate of the world rests in your hands to turn the tide from the darkness of this new world order and transform the world through the light of the Father that I am now bringing to you through prayer and meditation for those who are willing to receive my messages and inspiration for you in these troubling times.

I want to assure you that the dark one will only have his way with the world as he does now for only a brief time. For the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is becoming increasingly stronger to assist you in your work to turn the tide of humanity in the direction that the Father in Heaven expects of you to rescue the world from the darkness of these shadowy power brokers and self-proclaimed leaders who are planning to control and enslave all of humanity.

Prepare for the difficult times ahead. The signs of the times are already manifesting themselves among you as you see your economies becoming unreliable, confused, and increasingly more chaotic. This condition is also being mirrored in the activities of the Earth itself, which is experiencing the pains of darkness created by humanity because of the few among you who are manipulating and controlling the resources of the world for evil purposes.

Increasingly, there will be more turmoil in the world caused by the human activities as well as geophysical turmoil, also caused by the sins of mankind. Prepare yourself now for troubling times ahead. Prepare your families and friends and read the signs of the times so that you are prepared to live within a world that becomes increasingly more chaotic.

Know that I am with you through this difficult time and know that you have my word that the dark prince and his followers are implementing their secret plans for naught, because the power of the Holy Spirit will descend upon humanity during these difficult times in ways that will transform all of humanity into loving, knowing, and understanding souls, who begin more and more to implement plans and works that are influenced by the Father in Heaven.

Expect that the shadowy leaders behind your governments, economies, and institutions will attempt to quell this rebellion that is interfering with their plans, but they will be outnumbered by God’s legions who will continue to expose those who are attempting to manipulate the world, its human inhabitants, and its resources, so that they can rule the world. This plan of theirs will be thwarted for the benefit of all humanity.

In order to finally defeat your enemy, you will have to refuse many orders that they attempt to implement, and there may be strong repercussions to your revolting against their plans. But you must remain courageous and recognize that I am the Lord and Saviour and Redeemer of the world. I am with you at all times, at every moment, to assist you in your victory over the forces of darkness.

The Light of the Father in Heaven shall manifest over the entire Earth during this period of time, and the intensity of the Father’s Light and Love will increase as you and the followers continue to pray, and to meditate, and to worship God the Father, and His Son as Saviour and Redeemer. You will have all of the tools from the spiritual realms that are necessary to wage this battle against the materialistic forces of evil.

Are you prepared to join me now in saving the world from the dark forces? Then you must begin to recognize the signs of the dark forces, who are attempting to implement this new world order that is contrary to God’s plans for you. You must refuse to follow their plans to increase their influence and control over humanity. Through discernment and the calling upon of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to choose what is good in the world from what is bad, particularly as it refers to the dark plans to remove you from the freedoms as citizens of the world to which you are entitled. For no man can joust with the plan of God for you, my brothers and sisters, and the enemies of the Father shall be defeated in the end.

When that time comes, a New Jerusalem will come upon the land and the seas, and an Era of Peace will settle upon the Earth. I call upon all of you as powerful and prayerful warriors to assist in ushering in the Era of Peace.

Join with me now in prayer to discern your role in bringing the plans of the Father to fruition.

Jesus The Redeemer
End: 9:45


I received the following future vision during my near-death experience on July 2, 1984. The excerpt is from my book, Fast Lane to Heaven, published in March 2001:

Shadowy and publicly unknown world figures will attempt to establish a new world order by creating a worldwide government supposedly for the benefit of humanity. As a group, they will attempt to reorganize the world’s financial and banking institutions in a manner that will permit these unelected leaders to manipulate and control the future of the world for their own personal benefit and gain. Their own personal greed and lust for material wealth and power will motivate them. They will attempt to create a secular and materialistic world devoid of individual freedoms.

I received the first in-a-series of continuing monthly messages by interior locution from St. Michael The Archangel on August 1, 2005, and the message was addressed specifically to the People of the United States of America:

The time has come for your nation to make a stand. You are now at the crossroads of the new millennium. The decisions you make as a nation and as a people will determine the fate of humanity from this time forward. You have allowed your government to become corrupted by the materialism and greed of the world. The time is now to reverse this tide.

Around the world there are peoples who are being ravaged by hunger and sickness and disease. Yet, you stand by as a nation and do little or nothing. You devote your resources only to the conflicts that will result in the fortunes of war for your own selfish war profiteers. They see no profit in feeding the hungry so they do not help them. They only help themselves.

These profiteers of war are pillaging your country and destroying your ideals for their own personal reasons. They are the power brokers of the world who are attempting to manipulate and control others for their own personal profit. They must be stopped and you as a people have the power through prayer to stop them.

Your nation cannot continue on the path that it is going. If you do not reverse the trend, you will be destroyed like all major civilizations of the past to be covered over by the waters or reduced to ashes and dust through time.

– St. Michael The Archangel
August 1, 2005


I am planning extensive commentaries on the New World Order to be published in our quarterly newsletter On Angels Wings; by email; and on our website in the next several months. However, I would like to hear from you by email ASAP with your comments about the New World Order and with any questions or comments that you would like me to address in these commentaries.

My concern is that many observers are either not aware of the existence of the New World Order or that they are still under the illusion that the New World Order does not exist. In these commentaries, I will be naming the individuals, organizations, and institutions that are part of an international cartel of power brokers who are now in their final stages of implementing a new world order and one world government.

Collectively, these individuals and entities own and/or control global banking, finance, and insurance companies; the global energy resources, particularly the big oil companies; the global health industry, particularly the big pharmaceutical companies; the military and industrial complex that produces ammunition and war machines; the global agricultural industry; the global media conglomerates which include every major TV network in the United States; major newspapers, magazines, and publishing companies; and much more.

From behind the scenes, they control the United Nations, and many of the governments of many nations, including most of the nationally elected and appointed officials of the United States. Also in the United States, both the Republican and Democratic parties and all three of the remaining U.S presidential candidates are under their direction and control.

The intent and purpose of these commentaries will be to provide extensive information for you to recognize that the New World Order does exist and as the messages warn us that We the people have the power to stop them through the power of prayer!

If you would like to participate in exposing the New World Order, challenge its existence, or want to know more, please send me your comments and questions by email to:

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Although I read all incoming emails, I regret that I can no longer respond to every email request due to the high volume of emails received. However, if you do not hear from me directly, I will try to respond indirectly in the future commentaries to your questions, comments, and concerns. Please know that your responses are appreciated and my prayers are with you!

God bless you and your family!

Ned Dougherty