Palm Beach, Florida at 10:00am


Lo and behold! The evil one is raising his head and breathing his last gasps of putrid evil upon the face of humanity. He is writhing in agony now for he knows that his future is cast in the prophetic words of the Bible of the Lord, in the prophecy that has been ordained for the plan of mankind as ordained by the Father.

The end is near for the reign of the evil one here upon the face of the earth. He has been tolerated for longer than the Son and Redeemer and his Mother Mary can bear. He has wreaked havoc upon humanity and is the scourge of the earth that has created so much misery and pain to the inhabitants of the planet, particularly for those of you who have become so enamored within the earthly life and its riches that you have become almost soulless in your nature, not even knowing of the existence of your God and of the Redeemer of the World.

Alas! A new world is unfolding before your very eyes; a world in which the Redeemer is manifesting Himself more fully to you and ushering in the Era of Peace for all humanity for it is in these times when all humanity, all souls living on the face of the earth, will begin to recognize that He Who Is the Son of God is the Redeemer of all humanity. There is not one soul on the face of the earth who will be able to deny the existence of the Lord and Redeemer during these times for the way in which the Redeemer will convey Himself to all of you is so awesome that no one will deny His presence among you.

These are the times that have been prophesied to you by many of the chosen prophets of God from the earliest of times until the most current times. These are the times that the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin is also manifesting Herself more fully to Her chosen ones. Many among you now are receiving Her messages and are being instructed on how to prepare the others to prepare for the Coming of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the time is short now and much will be happening across your planet and throughout the Universe that will give you the Signs of the Times that the time of the Saviour is now upon you.

Look to the future with excitement and courage and you will not despair. Prepare yourself through prayer and fasting for the times ahead. Be courageous in your preparation for receiving the Lord. Recognize His Presence among you already through the reception of His Sacraments, particularly through the reception of the Holy Eucharist which is the most powerful gift of the Holy Spirit that had been ordained for you to bond in your eternal connectedness to the Lord and Saviour, Your Redeemer, as well as to God the Father, the Creator of all that exists.

As for the evil one, his days are numbered but he is also calling upon his legions and minions in these times to breathe his last breath of evil upon humanity. He will be defeated through the power of the Holy Spirit as well as through the power of the prayers of the servants of God here upon the earth.

You are being called upon at this time to pray mightily for the salvation of the world and the defeat of Satan and his minions. The time has come when the followers of Satan, many of whom are being deceived of who their master really is, are also being called upon by the evil one to spread more of his wickedness and evil ways upon the face of the earth.

Satan has chosen his day of manifesting himself strongly and powerfully upon you. That day is June 6, 2006.

You are being called upon to proclaim this day as the DAY OF DELIVERANCE from the power of the evil one. Upon this day from its very beginning to its very end around the world you are being called upon to pray for the end of evil in the world.

On this day, June 6, 2006, you are being asked to organize prayerful gatherings, particularly to request an increase in the availability and attendance at Eucharistic Adoration. This is the day that the evil one has chosen to attack you and this is the day that the Lord and Saviour is calling upon you to make your stand against the evil one.

You are being asked to pray with your families and your friends, to organize gatherings among you to pray for an end to evil in the world. You are being asked to attend Eucharistic Adoration and to pray powerfully before the Consecrated Host from the very beginning to the very end of June 6, 2006 as it approaches and ebbs throughout the world.

Through the power of your prayers, you can force the evil one into the bowels of perdition. Through the power of your prayers, you can make a difference individually and collectively on this particular day to end the reign of the evil one on the face of the earth and to usher in the Era of Peace that has always been ordained for you by God the Father when He created the world and knew that you would fall by the wayside, only to return to Him through Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour, as well as through the intercession of your Heavenly Mother.

So, plan now for the Day of Deliverance from Evil. Plan your prayerful activities and events that will be designed to bind Satan and all of his legions and minions for on that day Satan and many of his followers will be cast from the face of the earth and bound up by the power of your prayer so that no more harm can be rendered upon the future of humanity.

It is up to you the followers of the Cross to be victorious on this Day of Deliverance. Pray mightily in preparation for this day and on this day to cast Satan and his minions out of your hearts, and minds, and souls, out of you family members, your loved ones and your friends, out of the sinister and evil leaders of the world who are reigning death and destruction across the face of the earth, and out of the many souls who are living in darkness, not even aware of their spiritual nature or even of the existence of their Lord and Creator.

Set aside all of your worldly pursuits on this Day of Deliverance, June 6, 2006, and turn your day over to the Lord. Pray and fast for the entire day and prepare for the Coming of the Saviour for the time is soon.

I am Michael, the Archangel

End: 10:30am