Palm Beach, Florida at 10:32am

My dear son,

On this day, I ask you to remember the Holy Family in your prayers for today is the Feast of my spouse, the foster father of the Redeemer of the world.

I am pained by the realization that St. Joseph has not been received with admiration and respect in the hearts and minds of the people and that the Father to Jesus, while He was here on earth, is not being reverently remembered by the people.

Many of you should take this opportunity to pray more to the Father of Jesus, to St. Joseph. His prayers are very powerful in interceding for you with the Father in Heaven.

Many of you need to call upon St. Joseph to intercede in the affairs of your families that are being ravaged by the evil one who is splitting apart the families in record numbers through drugs and sex, and materialism and greed.

Pray to St. Joseph for His intercession in your family for prayers to St. Joseph are most powerful in returning your families and homes to the arms of my Son. Take this opportunity to ask St. Joseph to assist in the problems of your family.

Make St. Joseph the Patron Saint of your family and pray to him frequently individually and as a family and I assure you that your family problems will fall by the wayside as more and more of your family members take up the petition to pray to the leader of the Most Holy Family. If the Father and the Son chose Joseph to lead and protect the Holy Family, shouldn’t you consider doing the same for your family?

Remember Me in your prayers and petitions also for this is My Month, the month of May. This is my month to hear your prayers and petitions clearly and loudly from you as you express them to me, so take this month of May and dedicate your prayers and petitions to me and I will not fail you.

I come to you today as The Lady of Light.

End 10:42am