March 2, 2020 @ 9:11am

St Rosalie’s Parish
Campus, Hampton Bays, New York

St Michael Archangel


For I am
Michael the Archangel, the Defender of the Faith in the Church of Jesus Christ
here on Earth. I am also the Protector of the Powerful Prayer Warriors who have
been called to arms in these End
 Times to answer the call of your
Father in Heaven; His Son Jesus Christ, your Redeemer; the Heavenly Mother; and
all the Angels and the Saints to protect all of you from the evil one and his


For your
Heavenly Forces are with all of you in these End Times to protect you from the
evils that are being permeated throughout the world by satan and his demonic
followers. The time is at hand now for you to don your armour, for the Battle
of Battles of Good versus Evil has begun.


For you have been given the discernment in
these End Times to identify the minions of the evil one. The veil has been
lifted from their attempts to deceive you. The minions of satan are now fully
exposed, and in your prayerful discernment, you now know who is with your Lord
and Saviour and who is with your enemy.


For it should
be evident in your world affairs that the forces of evil are more clearly being
identified and exposed, and the forces of evil are losing their strength and
their ability to deceive and harm you.


For you have
known that the evil one had successfully infiltrated your governments, your
institutions, and your schools, but as the veil is lifted on these
institutions, you have the power now through your leaders who are with the Lord
and Saviour to correct the tide of evil in your world.


For you have
known that the forces of evil are promoting anarchy, communism, fascism, and socialism,
and they will be stopped through the power of your prayers and your commitment
to your Lord and  Saviour, Jesus Christ.


For your
greatest fear should be fear itself. As you have been warned, the Communists of
China pose the greatest threat to peace and security for the rest of the world.
But do not allow fear from the health plague engineered by China to interfere
with your mission to live your lives as Powerful Prayer Warriors in the service
of Your Lord and Saviour.


the Communists of China are minions of the evil one and are hell-bent to
destroy the free world and to create their own domination and control over the
peoples of the world, but they are being challenged by world leaders who are
exposing the intentions of all evil entities that are instilling fear
among the people to achieve their plans for world domination.


all of you have my assurance that I am Michael the Archangel. I am the
Protector of all Powerful Prayer Warriors who have been chosen by God The
Father in Heaven to lead all of God’s children through these End Times. 


For you shall be rewarded by your future participation in a New
Heaven and a New Earth, followed by an Eternal Paradise with your Loving Lord
and Creator!

So be it! 

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 9:37pm









March 2, 2020



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Dear Mission of Angels

November 30th 2019
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of the United States of America” during my second near-death experience at the
wall of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. (November 30, 1984)


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