March 1, 2017 @ 4:50pm – Ash Wednesday

Good Shepherd Church, Beverly Hills, California

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

St Michael Archangel

Lo and Behold! Mankind is now fully enveloped in the throes of the End Times. Make no mistake that there is any doubt that you are fully in the end times events that have been prophesied to you from the ancient prophets to the modern prophets of your times.

Now is the time to listen most carefully to the Messages from Heaven that are being conveyed to you from the Most High to many of your brothers and sisters, for the Father in Heaven wants his children to know that the gravest of the End Times events are near and that He has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world from its grave sins in these times.

As the Father in Heaven has ordained for all of God’s children during these times, and as has been prophesied to many of you, the events that you have been forewarned about have been taking place, and more events are yet to come, before the Great Transformation takes place that will lift all of humanity to a higher level of consciousness and connectedness to the Father in Heaven, and that will inevitably result in a New Heaven and a New Earth for all of mankind. Thanks be to God!

Know that the events that are happening n0w in your world are being guided by the Father in Heaven through His Son. You must now be aware that the governments of your world are going through a significant transformation in preparation for the final events of the End Times. Many of your world leaders are now being inspired by the Redeemer to act in concert, and separately, to drive out the minions of Satan, who have been leading all of humanity in the direction of a new world order with a one world government, a one world economy, and a one world religion – all of which are the work of the evil one and are an affront to your Father in Heaven and His Son the Redeemer, as well as Your Heavenly Mother, who is especially praying for all of you, as the brothers and sisters of Her Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

Know now that you are being called upon to support your world leaders, who are clearly moving in opposition to the new world order and its evil ways. Recognize that the rumors that you are hearing of a new path for humanity to break its bondage from the chains of oppression that the evil one has created – this new path is the work of the Father. It is a new path directly implemented from above -from the Father in Heaven, through His Son, and with the prayerful guidance of your Heavenly Mother.

Many of you have been aware of the steps that would be taken to restore the governments of your world to the people and away from the oppression of the global elites, and now those steps are being taken by world leaders in many different nations. The movements of these world leaders to raise the people from the oppression of the evil one’s minions are to be recognized as the direct intervention of the Father in Heaven through His Son.

Just as you have been asked through the Messages in Heaven to receive the gift of discernment to recognize the evil one’s minions and to expose their demonic activities, you are now being asked to pray for the gift of discernment to recognize the leaders, who are being inspired from above to lead the people of your various governments to rise up against the evil one’s minions.

You are being asked to assist your rightfully chosen leaders in transforming your corrupt governments and institutions along with these new leaders, who have a commitment to follow the inspiration that comes from the Redeemer to bring mankind through these end times.

Thanks be to God!

Message ended at 5:10pm

MY APOLOGIES! for the lateness of the March 1st Message. Faced with a serious health decision, I made an unexpected trip to visit my son Michael for 6 days and received the message at Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills CA.

 I just returned to Southampton NY where I need to access my home computer to post the message, before this Sunday, when I will be traveling to West Palm Beach, FL.  My seemingly glamorous travel locations belie the actual reason for my quickly planned trips.

Serious health issues happen to us, when we are making other plans. One of my actor son’s favorite stars, Bill Paxton, age 61, recently died from complications related to his surgery for an aortic aneurysm. At the age of 70, against conventional medical advice, I am choosing a holistic approach for a similar diagnosis.

I will be checking into the Hippocrates Health Institute from March 12th – April 2nd, because my previous stays there have proved to be miraculous for my past health issues. I know I can count on your prayers, which will have more healing power than the world’s best cardiologists can provide!

It seems like I am always asking for contributions for the Mission of Angels Foundation. Here’s why I am asking now. The cost of my stay at Hippocrates to alternatively and potentially eliminate the causes of my problems is a total of $8,097.30, less than one overnight stay in a hospital. However, my United HealthCare/Medicare plan will not contribute $1.00 to my attempt to improve my health, but would pay hundreds of thousands for surgery, a permanent heart monitor, and pharmaceuticals to maintain my illness, all of which I choose to avoid, if possible.

I have had to contribute substantially and personally to Mission of Angels to keep the mission going. I do not draw a personal income from Mission of Angels. I am living on Social Security retirement benefits, and no longer have any other source of income. Nor do I have $8,097.30 for Hippocrates, unless I borrow the funds from Mission of Angels, which currently has a balance of $6,830.00, which are funds which are necessary to sustain our mission.

Therefore, I am asking for your help!

God bless!

Ned Dougherty

P.O. Box 58

Southampton NY 11969