March 1, 2015

St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel, Costa Mesa, California, at 10:30am

Jesus The Redeemer

My dear son,

 I come to you today as the Redeemer and Saviour of all mankind, for in the very near future my return to all of you, as prophesied, will transform the Earth into a place of renewal and a return to the ways of your Lord and Saviour.

My journey with all of you, since my birth and transformation to an earthly incarnate being, was only the beginning of the plan of the Father in Heaven to return this earthly place to the plan that the Father has always had for those of you who occupy the Earth during your ever so brief existence here.

Surely by now you recognize that you are spiritual beings created by the Father in Heaven and that you have a mission here during your earthly life to do the will of God. How far have the inhabitants of Earth fallen from the ways of the Lord that sins of greed and power over others have become the rule of the land – instead of what the Father intended – that all of God’s children would live here on Earth during your earthly existence to honor and serve the Father in Heaven and not to worship the riches of this earth, which will disappear into nothingness, when each and every one of you returns to the spiritual existence from where you came, hopefully in a state of grace.

My journey with you now is the same as it was 2000 years ago, when I became one of you in physicality in order to fulfill the promises of the Father in Heaven which has been prophesied to mankind since the ancient times.

Now in these times, I am here among you, my brothers and sisters, to fulfill the prophesy of my Presence in the End Times, for you are now in the greatest time of change for modern humanity in that the Great Transformation is soon to take place, so that all of you living on the face of the Earth will be confronted by a very visible manifestation of the Father in Heaven through His Son, for I am the Lord, Saviour and Redeemer of the world.

Look forward with anticipation to the events that are to take place to transform all of humanity from the darkness in which you now live to the Light of the Father in Heaven, which will soon be revealed to each and every one of you in a magnificent manner, so that you will truly know that you are experiencing the Love of the Father in Heaven as well as His Son.

Then you will truly know that the Great Transformation is taking place that will cause all of you to bow before your Creator and realize that all of your sinful endeavors on this Earth were in vain, for you will recognize that only through the Father in Heaven and His Son will there be true salvation in the eternal life, as it has been ordained by the Father in Heaven.

I ask all of you, my brothers and sisters, to prepare for the Great Illumination of Souls, for the events will happen very soon in preparation for the Great Shaking that will catch the attention of all of humanity.

The Great Illumination of Souls will prepare all of you to be Servants of your Lord and Saviour, as well as prepare you for the great geophysical and geopolitical events that will occur in conjunction with the Great Transformation – for all of these events will happen in your times to assure that the New Heaven and New Earth that the Father has promised you will become the reality of your new earthly world!

Thanks Be To God!

Message ended 10:43am


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