March 1, 2013

Costa Mesa, California, at 7:45am

My son,

I come to you today filled with sadness and sorrow, because of the events that are taking place in my Son’s Church, due to all of the attacks that are taking place in the Church, which are coming from the evil one in his attempt to overthrow My Son’s Church allowing him to reign over all of you, the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven.

A new dawn is beginning now for My Son’s Church, and it is a dawn that will confuse many of you because of the demon’s attacks. My cardinals, my bishops, and my priests, who I pray for continuously, are under a particularly strong attack in these times. I will be with the cardinals in particular, during the Conclave to assure that my Son’s plans for His Church are fulfilled, as it has been ordained by the Father in Heaven.

Along with the perilous times that now face My Son’s Church, there are also perilous times ahead for all of you, my brothers and sisters, but you have known that the times ahead are perilous and dangerous for all of you, because the warnings have come  to you from many sources, since the beginning of the prophetic times in My Son’s Church to the current times, when many of you are receiving messages from Heaven.

What is it that you can do now in these perilous times?

You must pray, pray, pray now more than ever before, for the future of humanity, and for the continuation of My Son’s Church into the future, for these are the times as prophesied, when the attacks against My Son’s Church will be multiplied in greater numbers than ever before.

The attacks will not only come from the dark realms in the afterworld but from satan’s soldiers on the ground in your world, who have been placed by the evil one in these times in strategic positions within My Son’s Church itself to undermine the future of the Church. These are men with hearts of stone and souls that have become hardened against the truth of the Love and Peace and Serenity that My Son’s Church has provided for all of His faithful followers through the centuries. But again, these are the times that we all knew were coming in My Son’s Church, when the evil one in his last gasps at destroying humanity begins to exercise his final demonic blows in attempting to defeat My Son’s Church.

Expect the times to be turbulent and chaotic now, as the evil one thrashes in his woes to overcome the goodness in the world and to create havoc and confusion among you.

You, who are powerful prayerful warriors, will not be deceived by the evil one’s plans, because you have been preparing for these times, and you know what it is that you have to do to support the true Church of My Son, Jesus Christ, as the world goes through this very dark period of time to lead all of you to the glory of better times here on Earth, as the earth itself is purged of the wickedness and evilness of the demonic prince of darkness.

Glorious times are ahead finally for My Son’s Church, because the Legions of Angels will be surrounding the Vatican in preparation for the Conclave that will be as important in the history of the Church, as the initial creation of My Son’s Church, for never before in the history of the Church has My Son’s Church been so challenged since the crucifixion and death of My Son, and your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I ask you in these times to gather closely with your family members and friends in prayer. You must realize now more than ever that your prayers are powerful weapons in defeating evil, and, in this instance, assuring that My Son’s Church will be strong and vigilant and will continue into this new millennium as a leader in the world bringing goodness and peace to all of humanity.

You will still find yourselves asking questions as to what is going to happen in the near future. My answer to you is to turn to prayer and to your faithful family members and friends who are living in the Way of the Lord.

The events that are going to take place to bring about a new future for all mankind are now set in place. It is your responsibility, individually and collectively, to support My Son’s Church now more than ever before, and to pray for the cardinals who will be making a very important decision to place on the throne in Rome the “Chosen Pope” to lead you through these most difficult times.

Since there are so many external and evil forces coming into play to divert the cardinals from their important role in assuring the future in My Son’s Church, it is most important for all of you to pray non-stop during the coming days, until the Pope that the Father in Heaven has chosen is installed as the Leader of My Son’s Church, leading you to a future that is for the betterment of all of you.

I will be with you in these End Times now more than ever before. Call out to me in your prayers, and I will be with you as I always have been. Go in Peace and prepare for the times ahead!

Message ended 8:11am

Our Lady Queen of Angels


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