March 1, 2011 at 1:30pm – Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York

Message from Jesus the Redeemer

Behold, the Souls of the Faithfully Departed, who are here with us in the Eternal Realms through the Mercy of God! For they are not only with us in their eternal and ethereal bodies, eternally youthful and healthy, they are also with all of you, my brothers and sisters, in your earthly realms, thinking of you as you are thinking of them, for the eternal relationship between all living souls created by the Father is a bond that will never cease to exist.

So, therefore, it is of great sadness to the Father in Heaven to see the division among His children, the people of the Earth, who in these times are so divided among themselves.

This was not the plan of the Father in Heaven, when all of you were created in the Eternal Realms in spirit to be incarnated in the earthly bodies in which you reside here on Earth, until the time has come for each and every one of you in your own designated time to return to the Father in Heaven.

If all of you here on Earth saw things as clearly as your dearly departed brothers and sisters, the eternal plan of the Father would be obvious to each and every one of you, and there would be no more wars, violence, hatred, or greed here on Earth, for each and everyone of you then would see clearly the plan of the Father for all mankind, and your struggles here on Earth would be fewer and not so darkened by the evil one, who has captivated the earth in these times.

If you saw things as your dearly departed and beloved see them now, you would recognize the plan of the Father for all of you, and the forces of evil here on Earth would not be having their way with you, as they are doing now in these evil times.

You are being manipulated and controlled in ways that are abhorrent to your Father in Heaven and to me as your Redeemer and Saviour. This manipulation of mankind will come to an end soon, for the Father in Heaven is directly intervening now in the affairs of mankind, and He is doing so through me as His Son and Redeemer of mankind.

I am here to tell you now that there will be great changes coming to all of you here on Earth to bring about a New Heaven and a New Earth, a New Jerusalem, which will be to all of you more of a state of mind initially than an actual physical location, for during this time of transition your future journey will be governed by principles of the Universe that heretofore have not been obvious or evident to all of you here on Earth.

This will be a time then when much of the geophysical and material laws of nature will be suspended, creating in each and every one of you a sense of disbelief, until you begin to realize that the hand of the Almighty Creator is guiding all of you through a period of transition heretofore not experienced by mankind.

You may ask when will all of this take place? Worry not and do not concern yourselves with a date fixed in time and place, for your beliefs of reality are blocked by the filters of your earthly lives, which will be lifted from you during this time of transition.

The initial stages of the Father’s hand in making the changes happen for the betterment of mankind will not be so evident to you, except for those of you who have been leading a prayerful and meditative life in preparation for the Father.

Therefore, many of you are already experiencing God’s hand, not only in your personal lives and personal affairs, but in the events that you see taking place globally around the world in that great changes are being experienced both geophysically and geopolitically, which are necessarily a part of the plan of the Father in Heaven to bring about the Great Transformation.

This plan will happen both gradually and in the blink of an eye, so do not wait in the dark with a lantern in the window for the events that are already taking place around you now in the light of day.

The Father in Heaven expects great things from His children in these times, and each and every one of you, who hear the calling through Me, the Son of the Father, you are particularly called to answer the call of the Father, for you are now without the distractions that are blinding so many of your brother and sisters here on Earth.

For those of you who are prayerfully aware of the Father’s plan for you, do not allow yourself to be blinded by the forces of darkness, who are attempting to perpetuate an evil control and manipulation of God’s people here on Earth.

Be aware that the forces of darkness, who are in positions of power and control, are utilizing these times in a futile attempt to thwart the plans of the Father in Heaven to release all of you from the bondage and manipulation of the power brokers of the world, who are operating and cooperating in legion with the enemy of all God’s children, satan, the prince of darkness.

Be aware that what you are experiencing now in your families, in your communities, and in your nations globally around the world, is an attempt to divide the majority of the peoples of the world by focusing negatively on your belief systems, your skin color, your ethnic origins, even in your occupations and your avocations in life.

The intent of the dark forces is to divide and conquer all of God’s children through messages that cause you to focus your energies on conflicts that they are manipulating and creating to keep the majority of you in the dark to their own plans to move forward with a draconian worldly and global authority over all mankind, which is at the direction of the prince of darkness.

Alas, their attempts are foolhardy and futile, for the Father in Heaven, through me as the Son of God and as the Saviour of all humanity, is also here among you in these times to bring about lasting change for the betterment of mankind, despite the best efforts of those who think that they can master and control the peoples of the Earth, because they have at this point succeeded in mastering and controlling the material resources of the world.

But their mastery and control requires that you remain in the dark to their plans to control you by deceiving you of their true intentions as well as by diverting your interests to chaos and conflicts which they have created and fueled to divide the peoples of the world between themselves.

Do not be fooled by these prophets of darkness, who are motivated by power over you and greed for the fleeting material wealth of the world, for what they count as their material resources, which they have been using to manipulate and control you, these assets of theirs will be dissolved in a blink of an eye rendering their plans for control pointless and fruitless.

Most of all, you, my brothers and sisters, will reap the rewards that are justly yours, for you, my children, are the torchbearers of all that is good and wholesome for the benefit of all mankind, for you are carrying the torch of the Father in Heaven to bring about the greatest spiritual transformation of all mankind since the beginning of time.

You will succeed in your efforts and you will be justly rewarded, for you are doing the work of the Father in Heaven as He has intended for all of you!
Message ended 2:00pm
Jesus the Redeemer