“The Rock” Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport NY at 7:35pm

Has the Lord God, the Master of the Universe, received the attention of His children here on Earth? I am afraid not! For Lo and Behold, now the Great Shaking that has been referred to in both ancient and modern prophecies has already begun.

Here and there around the globe of planet Earth, the fragile crust upon which humanity resides is beginning to awaken as a result of the manifestation of all the cumulative evil and sin that has permeated the mantle of the Earth, since the beginning of the fall of mankind up to the current times that are so filled with the materialism, the greed, and the hubris of a society not in accordance with God’s plan for humanity.

Therefore, a great correction is taking place now throughout your world that has become self-evident in the chaos and confusion of the planet’s geophysical changes that are erupting within the crust of planet Earth, as well as in the atmosphere surrounding the Earth, which is going through rapid changes now as a reflection of the activities of mankind; activities, not as they are being defined by many of your scientists, but activities of a negative nature, as a result of the leaders of your governments and institutions who are planning a global authority and control of all the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Their intentions are so opposite to the plans of the Father for His children that the Father in Heaven is now intervening and correcting the evil plans of these despots to return humanity to a proper course in fulfillment of the Father’s intentions for all of His children.

So now, it is beginning – the greatest transformation of the world in which you live, since the beginning of mankind. Prepare yourself now for the times ahead, for it will be a difficult time for those of you who are not attuned to the Father’s intentions for all of you. However, it will be a glorious time for those of you who have been living in anticipation of the Coming of the Father’s Son as predicted in the ancient texts and as promised to all of you by the seers of these modern times, who have been given specific instructions to prepare all of the Father’s children for the coming times that are ahead of you.

The Great Shaking of the Earth will continue to manifest itself in an increasing number of seismic events as well as in the fallout from these events – tsunamis, destruction of different geographical regions, and a sense of vulnerability to the fragility of your planet to be witnessed by an ever increasing number of you, particularly those of you who are living in fear of the future.

The Father in Heaven expects His sons and daughters to be courageous now as you venture forth through this difficult period, for many of you have been called to reassure those who are living in fear that the Father in Heaven is in charge. As long as you recognize and accept His Presence in the events that are to come, you have no reason to fear the future, for the Father in Heaven has great love and mercy for His children, and those of you who are doing His work will be rewarded for your efforts, when the time comes for each and every one of you to be called home by the Father in Heaven.

So remember, first of all, that your life here on Earth is transitory; secondly, that you are here on this journey to serve the Father in Heaven; and thirdly, that each and every one of you has a responsibility to your fellow brothers and sisters to bond together in love, in prayer, and in sacrifice to survive during the difficult times to come.

Courage is required of all of you who are living in these times, for much is being asked of you. Cherish the times that you are experiencing now in your everyday activities, as you also prepare for the times ahead. Recognize that the mundane and frivolous activities of your daily lives must take an inferior position in the importance of your lives, because now it is time for you to focus on your most important responsibilities to your Father in Heaven and your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

All of God’s children are being called now to recognize that the struggle of good versus evil is now becoming the most important issue facing planet Earth. It is during this time that the Father in Heaven is calling you to awaken to your most important mission in life, since He has prepared each and every one of you for this moment in time.

If you are still in doubt as to your role in these End Times, take the time now to pray and meditate to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, so that you may ascertain exactly what it is that God is personally asking you to do to participate in the taking of the planet from the forces of evil and transforming all that there is into the New Heaven and New Earth that the Father in Heaven is promising for all of His sons and daughters here on Earth.

For the time is coming now, fast and furiously, when all of you will be asked to make your stand with the Father in Heaven in opposition to all the evil that there is. Rest assured that when the time comes, the evil one will be exposed and the Children of God will be triumphant over satan and his minions here on Earth.

Grand is the plan of the Father in Heaven for all of you! Begin now to participate in your own personal mission to assist the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for in these times the Holy Trinity will prevail over all of the evil and injustices in your world from this time forward!

Message ended 8:02pm

St. Michael the Archangel