As a new day dawns upon the world, lo and behold, for the world of the future is about to take place among you. You are already in the times that have been prophesized by the ancients and the modern prophets, who have listened to the words of the Lord. For all eternity, all of us in the heavenly realms have been waiting for this time. This is the time that the future of humanity is being determined by the prayers of the faithful, who have stuck to the faith of the Father in the most important time in the history of modern humanity.

For in the near future, it will become obvious to many of you that the prophesized changes have already begun to take place. Those of you, who are attuned to the Plan of the Father, are beginning to recognize that the mission that each and everyone of you has been given by the Father is about to become a reality, and that now it is time for all of you to begin to address the mission that has been given to you by the Father.

This will be confusing for some of you, who have not been praying powerfully to recognize your role in these most important times. But for many of you who have been listening to the quiet voice within you from the Father, or the Son, or the Holy Spirit, and, yes, for some of you, from the Queen of Heaven, now is the time for you to act upon the will of the soft voice that has been directing and guiding you prayerfully to become part of God’s plan to transform the darkness of the world into the Light of the Father through your powerful prayers and worship. For now the prayers of the people will make a difference as the great changes begin to take place among you.

Do not be afraid for the Lord and Saviour is with you and among you to lead the faithful to safety and to an understanding that all that will be happening is for the betterment of mankind.

Do not be afraid when the darkness comes. For in the darkest hour, the plan of the Father will turn all darkness into Light, the Heavenly Light of the Father, that will illuminate the whole world and cause the disbelievers to bow and humble themselves before the Lord. Such will be the great event; the greatest event in your times as the Lord and Saviour reveals Himself interiorly to all of the souls on the face of the Earth.

It will be at this time that each and everyone of you will have the opportunity to stand before the Lord and make your decision to turn your life over to the Father and your Creator, or to once again turn away from the Plan of the Father.

It will be during this time that the wheat will be separated from the chaff, and the greatest miracle of the modern world will happen for those of you who have chosen to follow the Lord and Saviour.

Miraculous and wonderful will be this time for those of you who choose to follow the Lord, and dark and despairing will be this time for those of you who choose to follow the darkness of His adversary, the evil one who has wrought so much death and destruction upon the world, since the original order of creation was reversed by the darkness and sins of humanity.

For the very first time on Earth, the powerful tide will sweep over humanity and change everything for the better. But this change will only be recognized for the good by those of you who are answering the call and by those of you who choose also to listen to the prayerful warriors, who have seen the Light of the Saviour during these times, and who have been chosen to lead others to the Lord and Saviour.

It is during these times that you will be expected to very powerfully evangelize to the masses, not only the fallen away, but those among you who never recognized the Son of the Father.

Great and glorious will be these times for those of you who are ready. You have anticipated the events that will be taking place for many years now, but now the days of the old ways of sin and destruction are being numbered, and the future of humanity for the better is looming in the not too distant future.

Great and glorious will be this time of change, so look forward with the Love that the Lord and Saviour has for you, glowing like a mantle within your hearts. Pray for purity and calmness within your soul so that you will be prepared to accept the Lord as He becomes fully illuminated before you in the most miraculous event of modern humanity. The days are short for the darkness, and the Light of the Saviour will be coming to humanity soon.

Pray and prepare for these times. The importance of your prayers and the leading of a humble life in these times cannot be overemphasized.

Keep your focus on the goal and the eternal prize that the Father and the Son offer you, for nothing else in existence has any importance or relevance in comparison to your coming home to be with your Creator.

I am Michael the Archangel. Heed my words for the future and you will be saved.

Michael The Archangel

Message end: 3:51pm