The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY at 3:00pm

My dear son,

I called you here today for this very important message. You are entering a time and a period of urgency in the world that demands that all of my Chosen Ones begin to prepare for the times ahead. Most recently, you have seen how, in your world, changes are taking place both to the environment and to all the souls living on the face of the earth.

My Chosen Ones have begun recently to feel my presence among you in many different ways, particularly in your being given graces and blessings that are necessary for you to prepare for the times ahead.

In your news and from the media that denies the existence of My Son, you are now seeing how, in many different ways, the global enemies of My Son, those who call themselves the new world order, are jousting with the plans of the Creator, as revealed to you most recently through the life of my Son here on Earth. Among the plans of these dark souls, there are plans to limit and restrict you in the practice of your faith and the continuance of Christian faith here on Earth. My Son and His Father are well aware of the plans of these evil ones here on Earth, who are hell bent on doing the work of the enemy by deceiving you into believing that The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit do not exist.

Watch closely how they are manipulating the media and the means of communication to convince you to renounce your faith. They are particularly targeting the young people through television, films, and magazines that promise the allure of success in the material life by living a life of liberties that denies the very moral fiber of humanity.

You are well aware of their plans for I have forewarned you of their intentions in so many messages to many of your brothers and sisters, who are now living, as well as to many of the faithful who have passed on and reside with me now, here in Paradise.

It is your responsibility now, while you are still living on Earth, to rise up and resist the filth and pornography that is being intentionally used to undermine the faith of your children and to deceive them into believing that living a narcissistic lifestyle here on Earth is the only way for them to face the future.

Those who are in allegiance with my enemy, the sons of Satan, who are continuing his work while he is being bound up and cast into perdition, these persons, who are living among you, are responsible for undermining your faith and the faith of your children. Their plans are glaringly obvious to you as they manipulate and control the media globally to influence all of the young people to obey them as the masters of the universe and to ignore you as their parents and also to ignore The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit, who are in triune the only way of salvation for humanity.

Look how successful they have been in these times to manipulate those among you who choose fame and material fortune to indicate that they portray success. Do you hear of anyone in the media who is portrayed as a hero or heroine because they have done good works or performed miraculous events in the name of the Lord? Of course, you do not hear of the good works of those who are faithful because the minions of the evil one are intent on only portraying success through glamour, and sexual liberties, and lifestyles that are abhorrent to your Lord and Saviour.

And what is it that these so-called masters of the universe want of you? They want to control you and to control the way that you are led to think by their ability to manipulate the airways that are utilized now by their global control of the media.

It is important that you now take charge of your own lives and the lives of the children who are under your care and to eliminate these evil influences from invading your homes, your places of business and government, and your institutions.

Do you not realize that you who are faithful to the Lord are in the majority, while the creators and masters of the new world order are in the minority? Do you not realize that through your own spending habits and the way that you allow your children to fall into their traps that you are contributing to the secularization of the world? Do you not recognize that this activity is the work of the evil one and that through his followers it appears that he is winning the hearts and minds of those who allow themselves to be enslaved by him and his pernicious ways?

But Alas, his days of influencing the world are already long past in the Eternal Realms and his ability to influence your world grows weaker and weaker. Now is the time for you to recognize that through the power of your prayers and through an increased fervor in loving and influencing your children you now have the opportunity to do greater good than you are aware. For we are now in a time period when the enlightened souls on Earth are recognizing that the powerful and influential brokers of the world are disillusioning the people and the people themselves are recognizing that the world leaders, who are minions of satan, have been deceiving and tricking the people of the world into their plans to subjugate and control all of you through a tightening rein upon the resources of the world and by manipulating your economies.

Now the people of the world are becoming disillusioned with the lifestyle that has promised happiness through the accumulation of material things and by leading a lifestyle of liberation from the moral fiber that has always been part of the plan of God for humanity. You are now in a time period where disillusionment with the promises of materialism and greed is rampant throughout the world, because those of you who have been pursuing this dark course are beginning to realize that chasing after material success and ignoring the values of living a wholesome life have not brought the promised happiness, but only more misery and loneliness.

During this time period, my Chosen Ones have been realizing more blessings and graces in their lives that are not connected to materialism and greed, and it is my Chosen Ones, not the dupes of the dark world, who are realizing that life can be more fulfilling and rewarding to those who follow me, as I lead you into the arms of My Son, the Redeemer of the world.

So, if you count yourself among my Chosen Ones, the time is now to evangelize more completely and fully to your family members and your loved ones, as well as your enemies. Remember that all souls on the face of the Earth are the children of God and it is your responsibility now to lead the children of God onto the path of salvation and out of the fast lane of dark living that leads only to perdition.

You are probably well aware now that the world is being shaken and that you are all going through a powerful transition that is leading to great changes that will take place for all humanity. The first indication to you that this is the case is the fact that the people of the world are becoming increasingly more disillusioned with their secular leaders who continue to disappoint you time and time again. It is most obvious now that the world economies are being manipulated on a massive scale for the benefit of a few, who regard themselves to be the masters in control, while the rest of you are being hurt by their manipulation of resources. The days of the dark ones attempting to disguise their plans are over. I am making certain now that the new world order will not continue to deceive you in ways that they once could. You are now in a period of time when those appearing to be in power and control are being stripped bare and exposed so that their evil intentions will no longer be clouded in secrecy.

During this period of time, the Earth will go through a Great Shaking that will be recognized by those of you who have turned your lives over to My Son, and you will survive these times with full confidence in the Lord, and you will recognize that you are being blessed even during the times that could lead to despair. These will be extremely difficult times for those who are still leading lives of materialism and greed for they will not be able to find the answers to the growing problems in their lives, unless they turn their lives over to My Son the Redeemer, who is so closely involved with the mission of each and every one of you, my Chosen Ones.

Our Lady of Light

End 3:44pm