The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, NY, Ash Wednesday, at 5:00pm

My Son,

Again I invite you to walk with me in the Garden of Nazareth. Remember that this is the place where I first learned of my mission on behalf of the Father.

Now I invite you and all your brothers and sisters to take up your mission that I ask of each and every one of you in these exciting times in the history of humanity.

Many of you are becoming increasingly more aware of my presence among you. The veil is being lifted for those who now choose to follow me for there is much work to be done, and I want all of you to proceed forward with the fervor and love of the Father knowing that I am with you ever more closely on your journey in these times.

Now is the time for all of you to increase your commitment to a life of prayer and humility. Now is the time for you to recognize that many of your brothers and sisters have fallen by the wayside. Many of them are hurting and in despair because they do not know of my Love for them.

I am asking you my brothers and sisters who are now in the Light of the Saviour and Redeemer of the world to take up my Cross and bear it with me for the next 40 days in preparation for the return of my Love for you in every increasing ways.

It is during this time that I ask you to reach out to your family members and friends and spread the Good News of the Gospel that I am returning to humanity as I had promised you two thousand years ago.

You are now in the times of the fulfillment of my promise to walk with you again but not in the same way as before.

As you are walking with me now in the Garden of Nazareth, I am calling upon all of your brothers and sisters to also take this walk with me. There is no exclusion among the souls on the face of the earth to this invitation.

Through prayer and faith, through meditation and contemplation, and through the reception of the sacraments of the Church of St. Peter, each and every one of you can arise to the calling and begin the walk with me.

As those of you who have been following me with fervor and faith now know, I have been with you since before you were born and I continue with you along your journey in life. I am here with you every single second of every single day, guiding you and nurturing you; for I am calling upon you as a chosen one to carry the Cross with me as I have been carrying your cross and your burdens throughout you life.

If you do this for your Lord and Saviour, the rewards will be great. Do not think that the rewards will come in the material world. Put this world of material and substance behind you for I am calling you to walk with me in the world of the future. The walk with your Lord and Saviour in the Garden of Nazareth is only the beginning of a journey that will be exciting for you if you respond to my call.

I ask all of you to come on this journey with me by taking time in each and every day to pray with me and to pray with fervor and love. I ask you to pray to heal the world of all of its sins and to take up my Cross for all of your fellow brothers and sisters who are still living in sin. If you do these things for me, it will become easier and easier for you to join me on this walk in the Garden of Nazareth.

Think of this garden as a way post between heaven and earth where you can come to me with all of your suffering and pain, with all of your problems, and with all of your petitions for the future of the world.

As you turn your life over more fully to me, the journey to the Garden of Nazareth will become less and less difficult and the rewards will be greater and greater.

See how the beauty of God the Fathers vision created this place for you now; in this place that was designed for you specifically for the times in which you find yourself and the rest of humanity in the world today. The Garden of Nazareth is the place where you need to go to come closer to me and to walk with me.

I am waiting for you, all my brothers and sisters, to join with me here and take the walk with me as your Lord and Saviour. How merciful this journey will be for you if only you turn your life over to me. Trust in me as your Lord and Saviour to take away the fear, to show you your path, to develop your sense of your mission, and to teach you to walk with me into eternity.

At the end of the Garden of Nazareth is the eternal flame hovering on the horizon. Visualize this flame for it is the flame of the Love of the Eternal Father. Walk with me and follow the flame of the Father while you contemplate the mission that I ask of you while you are still walking the face of the earth. Know that when your life is finished here that I will be with you to walk into the eternal horizon and experience the love and splendour of the place that the Father has prepared for you as your eternal home.

I bide you farewell on your journey but know that I am here with you always!

Jesus of Nazareth


Notes from Ned

While I was attending a Mass celebrated by Father Bill McCarthy at the St. Joseph Prayer Center in Patchogue, NY on Sunday, February 26, 2006, I first became aware by interior locution that I was going to receive a message on March 1, 2006 and that I would receive the message at the Rock at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island.

Following receiving communion today at the 11:30am Mass at the Shrine, I was told by interior locution that I was to be present at The Rock at 5:00pm to receive the message.

I drove up to The Rock arriving at 4:59pm and was told by interior locution to walk to The Rock. When I arrived at The Rock itself, I turned around to view the setting Sun. The air was chilly and the deep blue sky was cloudless as I instantly began to experience the Miracle of the Sun, a phenomenon that has been occurring monthly for me shortly before or after receiving the monthly interior locution messages.

A pattern has developed ever since I first began receiving monthly messages on August 1, 2005. Several days before the first of the month, I receive a confirmation by interior locution that I will be receiving a message on the first day of the month. Usually, but not always at this time, I will also be told where I am to present myself to receive the message. Usually on the first day of the month, I will not awake knowing at what time of the day I will receive a message, but later on during the day, I am usually given the time that the message will be received.

Todays message from Jesus of Nazareth is the second consecutive message from Jesus in which he invites us to join Him in the Garden of Nazareth. I ask readers to pray and meditate and ask that Jesus will invite you also to walk with Him in the Garden. Jesus is placing an important significance on asking His followers to come walk with Him in the Garden of Nazareth.

In the message of February 1, 2006, I understood from Jesus that the Garden of Nazareth is Mother Marys Garden where Jesus spent His formative years in preparation for His mission. Many of us are in our own formative period in our growing relationship with Jesus. Apparently, we are all being given an opportunity by Jesus through prayer and meditation to have a personal experience with Him by accepting His invitation to join Him in the Garden.

I suggest that you consider a meditation experience that leads you on a journey beyond the veil to this wayside place, to this garden setting. I suggest starting the journey by praying the Rosary. I have been taking this journey myself frequently in the last several months and find that I truly do visit the Garden where I walk with Jesus, and I am comforted and consoled by Him. I truly believe that each and every one of us can now experience this journey.

For those of you who respond to this request, I would appreciate hearing from you about what you experience in walking with Jesus in the Garden.

God bless!

Ned Dougherty