June 3, 2019 @ 1:00pm

Eucharistic Chapel, St. Rosalie’s Church,
Hampton Bays, New York

Jesus the Redeemer

My dear son,

I come to you today as Jesus the Redeemer
of the World, for in the very near future, I will make all things new again in
fulfillment of the prophecies, both ancient and modern.

The time will come soon when the End Times
events culminate in a crescendo of events that will permit all of humanity to
experience The Warning that the time of the Redeemer has come; a time when all
of humanity will experience The Warning and the time to repent from the sins of
the past, for the New Heaven and a New Earth will dawn for all of mankind, just
as it has been written.

I want you to know that I have been with
you in Spirit in these End Times, and I am with you just as powerfully now as I
was in my physical body living among mankind 2,000 years ago. Now I am with you
just as powerfully in Spirit. Many of you as Powerful Prayerful Warriors have
been aware of my increasingly stronger presence among you in Spirit because you
have answered the call of the Father in Heaven for all of his children to
assist the Redeemer in these End Times.

For many of you who have not been aware of My
increased presence, it is not because I have not been available to you
spiritually, it is because you have not properly and prayerfully opened your
hearts, minds, and souls to Me because you have been living with scales over
your eyes that have been preventing you for experiencing the Eternal Bliss of
My Presence in your life.

As you read these words now, recognize that
I am very powerfully with you in your mind, body, and spirit, and I will be
with you – each and every one of you – throughout your journey in this life and
through your transition to the next life where you shall participate in the
Heavenly Kingdom with the Father in Heaven, with your Redeemer, and with your
Heavenly Mother, and all the Angels and the Saints, who have passed through
this earthly journey before you.

Recognize now that you are the brothers and
sisters of all of humanity, and by your very existence, the Father in Heaven has
invited you to participate in the Eternal Kingdom in the Heavenly Realms.

For you to participate in this Eternal
Journey, it is necessary for you to set aside your earthly desires and plans,
and through silent prayer and meditation, now is the time for you to
communicate directly with Me as Your Redeemer, for I am here for each and every
one of you who chooses to answer the call of the Father in Heaven through the

You are in a time now when you must
communicate directly with Me as Your Redeemer, for you are in a time when a
Great Renewal will be taking place in My Church here on Earth; a Great Renewal
as well as a cleansing and a rebuilding of My Church from and through the
littlest and most innocent among you. From the innocent ones, My Foundation for
the future of My Church here on Earth shall arise.

You must recognize that My Church will be
rebuilt from the foundation up through the most innocent among you who have
made the journey to physicality here on Earth. Therefore, you must recognize
that life itself has no precedent above and beyond the sanctity of life itself.

The future of My Church here on Earth
begins with the most innocent whom you must protect at every stage of life now,
so that the New Heaven and New Earth here on Earth can take place only when the
Sanctity of All Life is recognized across the Earth.

In this regard as Powerful Prayerful
Warriors, you must recognize that My Church here on Earth will be built up one
soul at a time beginning with the most innocent souls and with the assistance
and support of you as Powerful Prayerful Warriors who will be instrumental in
reorganizing, rebuilding, and strengthening My Church here on Earth.

The leaders of My Church is these End Times
must begin to recognize My Presence here on Earth in these End Times, and these
leaders must also recognize that My Church here on Earth is under My Ownership
and My Leadership and that it is through My Plan that the Church will begin a
transformation from the ground up with the assistance of the Powerful Prayerful
Warriors who are the Faithful Remnant of the Church.

But most importantly and most powerfully,
it will be the prayers of the Holy Innocents, of the youngest among you, both
born and unborn, whose prayers will contribute to the rebuilding of My Church
here on Earth – one stepping stone at a time – until the transformation of My
Church results in the New Heaven and New Earth that has been promised you.

Message ended 1:31pm


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