June 1, 2013

Costa Mesa, California, at 10:10am

My Dear Son,

I come to you today as Queen of the Universe, for in these times the entire universe prays for the many souls living on your planet, Earth. All of the souls that the Father in Heaven created are praying in these times for all of you, my brothers and sisters, who are living on the face of the Earth, for your planet is in such great and mortal danger due to all of the sins in your world.

Many of you are aware that you are now in the end times. This is not intended to be the end of the world literally, but the end of the world as you once knew it. It is also a time of transition for the Father in Heaven to intervene among you through the intercession of my Divine Son, Jesus Christ, who is the only Saviour of this world.

Why is it that the Father in Heaven has chosen to intervene in these times? The decision to intervene was cast in stone eons of time ago, for the Father in His infinite knowledge and wisdom knew that His plan for His children in this world would be thwarted by the evil one.

He has chosen this goal for each and every one of you – to assure that each of His lovingly created souls has an individual identity and personality. As a result of the choices you make during your growth as human beings, it is the Father’s desire that you renounce the evil one and his ways to unconditionally embrace the Father in Heaven.

Many of you are very concerned now with the events, geopolitically and geophysically, that are taking place in the world, which are clear indications that you are indeed in the end times.

It is my wish as your Heavenly Mother that you cast aside your fears for yourselves, for your family members and loved ones, and for your friends and neighbors. These are the times that you must accept the eternal journey that is your birthright given to you by divine right – that you are spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth, and that when you return from this foreign place in which you currently reside to your Heavenly Home, as promised by the Father in Heaven, you will realize that all that you experienced, both the good and the bad, has had a purpose in your growth and development.

When you reach the end of your journey here on Earth, you will realize that the Father in Heaven has held you in His loving arms ever since your creation as a spirited soul in the Eternal Realms. For when you transition through the process that you call ‘death’, you will understand in a very eternal sense that everything that you are experiencing was important for you to reach the level of spiritual growth that would allow you to transition on your journey home to the Father in Heaven.

With this knowledge in mind, what is it that you have to fear during your journey here on Earth? My answer to you is that ‘There is Nothing to Fear!’ If you truly believe in your creation and destiny, and that you are in the hands of the Loving Father in Heaven, what need have you to fear this journey?

Because of all the turmoil and chaos that exists in the world today, I understand your concerns for your family members and friends. Even though you may say that you do not fear for yourself, because you firmly believe that you are in the hands of the Lord, you still fear for your children, your grandchildren, all of your loved ones in this world.

Allow me to put your mind at rest. All of your loved ones are also in the Loving Arms of the Lord, and He has chosen the journey that all of you must follow for you to return to your heavenly home. So fear not! Fear not for your loved ones and friends, but pray for their souls to the Father in Heaven; to My Divine Son, the Redeemer of the World; and pray for My Motherly Intercession for all of your intentions.

You must accept now that your prayers are very powerful and are heard in the Heavenly Realms. It is the nurturing of prayer that will bring all of you Home to the Father in Heaven. So again I say to you: Fear Not!

The time is coming soon when the Father’s plans for His children will become irrefutably obvious to all of God’s children here on Earth by a great Spiritual Awakening for all of mankind!

I pray fervently for all of you, my children, as we prepare for this Supernatural Event to be bestowed upon mankind. The evil one has been too busy and too damaging to all of you here on earth. The time is coming rapidly when he will be purged from the face of the Earth, and mankind will then be able to live in an era of peace and harmony without fear of the evil one and his minions, who will be cast into the fires of hell.

So I say to you once again: What is it that you have to fear – if you are living in the full knowledge and acceptance that your Heavenly Father is in charge of all of the brothers and sisters here on Earth?

He will not desert His children. Thanks be to God!

Message ended 10:33am

Queen of the Universe


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