“The Rock” Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport NY at 6:00pm

Lo and Behold! You are now entering a very dangerous period of time on Earth. This is the period of time as prophesied in the ancient texts as well as in the prophecies of so many of you, who have been listening to the words of the Lord, and those of you who have responded to the call to assist the Lord and Saviour in these End Times.

These are dangerous times because the very fate of humanity rests with you, the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven, for these are the times when you are all being called upon by your Lord and Saviour to assist in ushering in the transition that will take place globally to lift the hearts and minds of all the souls here on Earth to hear the calling of the Father in Heaven.

These are dangerous times because the evil one, my adversary, is raising his last attempts at destroying humanity, for he knows that his days are short to have his way with his evil influence here on Earth.

Many of you have been aware of the plans of the dark one to destroy humanity, and it is your prayers that have assisted the Most Holy Trinity in ushering in the new Era of Peace here on Earth.

Have patience now and prepare yourselves for the events that are to come. You have been waiting for a long time now, but your wait is now getting shorter and shorter. It is time now for you to prepare earnestly for great changes that will take place across the face of the Earth, as the Earth groans and awakens into the Great Shaking that has been prophesied to you to usher in the Great Transformation during these End Times.

Prepare earnestly for the events that are to come by also preparing your family members and your friends, who are open to hearing the call of the Lord. It will be with great difficulty that you will be able to communicate with so many of your brothers and sisters, because so many of you, who are in allegiance with our good cause, are still blissfully unaware that a Great Transformation cannot take place without great changes that will significantly impact your lives in ways that you have never experienced before.

It is, therefore, necessary that you pray earnestly for great fortitude and strength to survive these End Times by praying earnestly to the Father in Heaven, His Son and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Spirit whose power and influence brings the power of the Holy Trinity to all that there is in the Universe on a macro as well as a micro level.

For it is the power and influence of the Holy Spirit that brings the energy of the Love of the Holy Trinity to each and every one of you. It is this powerful energy of Love that is manifesting itself now globally throughout the planet Earth to usher in the New Era. Many of you have been feeling the power of the Holy Spirit in this regard, and you are vigilantly aware that time is shortening and that there is a quickening in the events that are happening that is leading all of you to the Great Transformation that will take place.

So prepare for these events that are to come. The way to prepare for each and every one of you is to listen to the soft voice of the Holy Spirit through prayer and meditation, for in this manner you will be able to understand what it is that the Holy Trinity is expecting of each and every one of you in these times.

Many of you are already receiving very specific instructions in what you are to do to prepare for these times, and for some of you, the messages and the calling are not yet that specific. But be patient, for through earnest prayer and meditation, the truth of what the Holy Trinity is expecting of you will prevail.

Be aware that the dark and evil one will use this time to attempt to deceive and trick each and every one of you, so this is also a time that calls for great discernment, discernment, discernment, for the dark one will even come to you disguising himself as being from the good forces of the Heavenly Realms. This problem is magnified by the reality that many of you here on Earth have been tricked and deceived into doing the work of the evil one.

Many of you have even turned to the darkness to give you power and wealth, but Lo and Behold, this power and wealth will disappear in the blink of an eye, for only the power of the Most Holy Trinity through the active participation of the Holy Spirit will become the final, lasting, and driving force that will bring humanity to the fulfillment of the plan of the Father in Heaven for all of his sons and daughters. Thanks be to God!

So again I must ask you to prepare yourselves more earnestly for the time is getting ever and ever shorter before the Great Transformation will occur in a way that all of humanity will have to recognize that it is the power of the Most Holy Trinity that is in charge. For this is the plan of the Father, the Original Order of Creation, for humanity has been usurped and trifled with by the dark forces, but all of humanity will experience a return to the Order of Creation as originally planned by the Father.

During this time, the evil in the world will be eliminated and the dark one and his minions will be driven into the pits of perdition. This, then, will be a glorious time for all of humanity as planned by the Father in Heaven.

Take the time now to prepare. Turn yourself inward and draw upon the Love that each and every one of you has for your Creator. When you do so, you will experience the powerful Love of the Holy Spirit, and you will experience a closer connection with the Most Holy Trinity. I ask you to do this now for the time is short.

Message ended 6:29pm

St. Michael the Archangel