Little Sugarloaf Mountain, Sugarloaf Valley PA at 10:00pm

My son,

I have brought you again to the mountain and valley area that will figure so prominently in your journey during the incredible events that are yet to come. Your journey home now is very soon on this long journey of almost twenty-five years, since I interceded in your dark life and reunited your spirit with the power of the Holy Spirit that is igniting you now to bring your mission to the zenith of its fulfillment. Soon the plans will be finalized to begin your mission to prepare for a New Heaven and a New Earth in this very valley where I had told you that you would be doing my work among your fellow brothers and sisters.

Much is needed from you now in your preparation for my plans to bring many of your brothers and sisters to join in the preparations for the greatest events in the history of the planet.

There are many of you now, who are awakening to the call of the Holy Spirit in a very powerful way, because you recognize the times in which humanity finds itself now. These are heady times for all of you and many of you, my brothers and sisters, feel as if you are spinning through space without control and, in a way, you are. The planet is going through revolutionary changes in preparation for the significant events that will begin to take place in the not too distant future. Prepare yourselves now for the monumental events that are going to happen.

I have called you specifically here to this valley at this point in time, because the time is so short. Now you must recognize within yourself that your impatience has served you well in that now you are fully aware that the events that you were shown to take place are beginning to manifest themselves in the very bowels of the Earth, and outwardly, as a Great Shaking that will begin to rattle humanity to awaken the rest of you, who have been in a deep sleep from the dark forces.

But now all of that darkness will be so powerless as the power of the Holy Spirit increasingly takes over the plans to inspire all of humanity to recognize that the Father in Heaven is now fully in charge of the events that are taking place on Earth.

Do not spend so much time analyzing your other brothers and sisters and taking their inventories of what you perceive to be inadequacies on their part. For many of you will manifest your deepest flaws and imperfections now, as the Father works through each and every one of you to prepare you ultimately for the Era of Peace.

Great transformations require great resiliency by all of the brothers and sisters to recognize the signs of the times and to act accordingly.

Many of you are being called now to places of refuge in preparation for the events yet to come. Those among you, who are being so called, are charged with the responsibility to make ready the provisions that will be necessary to get through the difficult times, for many of your brothers and sisters will also be dutifully called to the areas of refuge as the times of change near.

Relax and rest also in preparation for the events to come now, for there will be little rest for the weary during a certain period of time that will become known by the faithful brothers and sisters as the Time of Tribulation. Prepare mentally and physically for this time period, for it is then that the greatest changes on Earth will take place.

Do not fear these events for the purging and purification are necessary to usher in the Era of Peace. Only those of you, who have shown a complete disregard for the Father in Heaven, will have a difficult time during the Time of Tribulation, for you have deserted the Father and His Son during the most trying hours.

Alas, my brothers and sisters here on Earth, not everyone will be saved for the Kingdom of Heaven. However, you must pray for those who begin to pass over into darkness that they recognize the Light of God through the intercession of the powerful and prayerful spiritual warriors who will don their coats of armour to protect the masses from the dark forces that prevail in your governments, your institutions, and your schools.

There are many among you now, who are just beginning to awaken from a dark sleep. Stay vigilant now, for the Son of Man will come upon you like a thief in the night, and justice and truth shall prevail over all of mankind.

Prepare now and pray for the salvation of the world.

I come to you tonight as Jesus of Divine Mercy, just as I came to you above the nearby mountain to the north almost 25 years ago.

Are you ready for the challenges that will grip you like an iron fist?

I believe you are, my son, but I urge you to tread carefully to assist in ushering in the Era of Peace.

Pray now my brothers and sisters with the words that I have taught you for these times: Oh Jesus of Divine Mercy, hear my pleadings to you, for I am here to do your will!

Message ended 10:24pm

From: Jesus of Divine Mercy