Long Beach, Sag Harbor, NY at 11:00am

Greetings to you, my son, from your Heavenly Mother,

Many months have passed since my last meeting with you and for a very good reason. I wanted you to prepare for the passing of your earthly mother, Isabelle, who is with us now in the Heavenly Realms. When I last spoke to you, it was at a time when your mother’s journey to the Afterlife was about to begin.

It was during this time that I had distanced my mission with you to allow you the time to prepare your mother for her own heavenly passing. During this time, I also watched over you as my Son, your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, continued to gift you with the Messages from Heaven that are so important for humanity to receive during these times.

Since I last spoke with you, much has been happening in your world, and the plans to bring the future of the world into the Era of Peace have been accelerating rapidly. You may have noticed how your perception of time is changing more rapidly and how days and months that have recently gone by have become a blur of activity.

This is because of the changes that are happening on your planet at this time as the power of the Holy Spirit continues to manifest very powerfully among you, especially for those of you who are living your lives as powerful prayerful warriors for the End Times in which my Son, Jesus, is returning to you in a very powerful way to continue to bring about the fulfillment of His mission among you to save humanity from its own destruction.

While we are prayerfully preparing you for the destiny that faces all of humanity, the enemies of my Son and the enemies also, therefore, of His Heavenly Mother, have also been accelerating their plans rapidly to bring about their demonic plan for a new world order that will only bring about the destruction of souls and a great loss to all of humanity, that is, if they were to be successful in their plans.

However, the Father in Heaven always has and always will continuously implement His plan for humanity, which is the Original Order of Creation, whereby through His Divine Will, all of humanity would be reunited with the Father in Heaven after the journey of all of you here on Earth has been completed. Sadly and with great pain personally for me as your Heavenly Mother, I have watched as so many of the faithful among you have fallen away from the Church of my Son because of the allurements of the new world order to brainwash all of humanity into a secular lifestyle of hedonism, greed, and corruption that will bring only darkness and despair to all of humanity.

You can see this darkness and despair among those among you who have become trapped in this licentious lifestyle that has been implemented by your mass media to convince all souls on the planet to live lives of materialism and greed; secular lifestyles that are designed and created by the proponents of the so-called new world order that will only bring about sadness and despair to its participants; destruction to the family life that is so cherished by the Father in Heaven; and the creation of a soulless civilization that becomes enslaved to the plans of darkness by the evil one, who is now burning desperately and gasping his last breaths in a final attempt to bring down the world and all of its inhabitants.

But, alas, young children of the world, you are now part of the generation that will be so imbued by the power of the Holy Spirit that you will be given the gift of discernment to recognize the tricks and the treachery of the prince of all darkness in attempting to lure you into a dark world of his choosing.

It is within your generation of living souls today on planet Earth that the powerful prayerful warriors will rise up among you and within your ranks to lead others to recognize that good and evil does exist in the world and that the plans of the evil one from the dark realms are being implemented by your very own brothers and sisters who are living among you as citizens of the world.

But these are the brothers and sisters who have adopted an elitist and secret cult to manipulate and control all of you for the benefit of their few in number who have sworn allegiance to the dark prince, firmly deluding themselves into believing that they will be with the triumphant god in the end, but their god is a luciferian entity who shall be crushed under the sword and shield of the most powerful of God’s Angels, through the power that has been energized within him through the power of the Holy Sprit.

I speak of the Archangel St. Michael who has been charged in these times to crush the head of the serpent and to send him into the pits of perdition for a thousand years, which is to say, for all time in the realm of the earthly world.

As the Virgin Mother of the Child Jesus, who walked among you when my earthly journey resulted in the birth of the Redeemer, It is during this time period that I continue to call upon all of you as my own brothers and sisters, as well as to call upon you as your Heavenly Mother.

For it is in these times today that I call upon all of you, the faithful to my Son, to pray now more powerfully than ever before; to evangelize more firmly than ever before; to reach out to the brothers and sisters who have fallen away from the Church of my Son more than you have ever done before; and to prepare to witness the most miraculous and stunning era in the history of humanity.

For the times will soon be before you, when all of humanity will be visited in a very powerful way by my Son in a way that will cause all of you to recognize that there is only one Lord and Saviour and Redeemer of the world; and that there is only one Triune Spirit that manifests all that there is in existence; and that is the Spirit of the Triune God, of the Father, and the Son as His Redeemer to you, and of the Holy Spirit that is manifesting among you so fully in these End Times in preparation for the return of my Son, who will be so powerfully among you at the very lastmoment before the dark one is about to claim victory.

But, alas for the dark one, for he will tumble and turn back into the darkness and chaos that he has tried to perpetrate upon mankind for thousands of years.

However, it is up to you my dear children of this generation to participate in the calling of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and from your Heavenly Mother to take up your arms in these times to defeat your enemies.

I do not speak of the arms of death and destruction or of the bullets and bombs of humanity that have been darkened by the evil one. I speak of much greater arms. I speak of my Holy Rosary, the most powerful armament that I, as your Heavenly Mother, have gifted to you through St. Dominic. An ancient armament, for sure, but an armament that has been designed for these times to defeat our dark enemies. For the Holy Rosary is a most powerful prayerful weapon to defeat satan and his minions.

So I call upon all my earthly children and also, therefore, my own brothers and sisters. I appeal to you as your Mother. Join with me in powerful prayer now to bring humanity into the Era of Peace.

You are already living in glorious times for now, in the Heavenly Realms, the enemy has already lost and your war has, therefore, almost been won. Your participation in this battle is crucial for you to prepare yourselves, your family members, and your friends to share in the Heavenly Kingdom that the Father in Heaven has always intended for you. Pray powerfully now and you shall prevail!

I come to you today as the Lady of Light and as your Heavenly Mother for now, you, my dear son, have two mothers in Heaven wanting for you only God’s Speed on your journey and mission.

Message ended 11:37am

PLEASE NOTE: It has been exactly one year to the day, since I last received a message from Our Lady of Light on June 1, 2007. My “earthly” mother Isabelle Dougherty passed from my arms into God’s arms on May 21, 2008.