The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York at 2:00pm

My dear son,

My visit with you today is a visit of sadness. First of all, I am here to tell you that you will not be hearing from me through these messages for some time. This is for a glorious reason in that much of my mission with you has been completed by the very fact that you have been brought through me into the arms of my Son.

You must know that you have benefited through the prayers of many of your deceased relatives and loved ones who interceded for you and on your behalf to bring you to the place and the mission, which you have now accepted. In this regard, I have accomplished my mission with you and I will look over you as you continue to do the work of my Son. My efforts are many and varied to reach out to all of my children around the world who are answering my call for them to adopt a life of prayer, penance, sacrifice, and good works, particularly for the elderly, the poor, the homeless, and those who have fallen away from the church of my Son.

My work among all of you continues from the heavenly realms and I will continue to follow your works closely but the messages from me at this time will not appear regularly as I have done so before, for now you are under the direct influence of my Son. You have come to the place that I intended for you. In this regard, I have fulfilled my mission with you, but I will continue to monitor your progress and pray for you when you need my assistance.

This is a glorious time for you because you have reached a point in your journey where you are now devoted to my Son as it should be. My journey ever so closely with you was to bring you to this point. This is my mission for all of my children, who listen to my messages and my prayers for them, to bring them to my Son. They are brought to Him through me intentionally but, as you know, my son, I never stand in the way of the journey but to the side along the pathway that leads to the arms of my Son.

I have led you along this path for you to discover the great love and compassion of my Son for you, as well as for all of your brothers and sisters, our children, who will share the promise of an eternal future in the heavenly realms forever and ever.

So now you must continue your journey and call upon my Son to lead you into the coming years of the new millennium, and, through the wisdom of my Son, your journey will continue to grow as it has in the past.

I view this journey with both sadness and happiness because I know how difficult it has been for you and the difficulties will continue. However, you are now within the fold of the Saviour and the Redeemer of the world and with this knowledge your mission will continue into the future without fear and with a new resolve by you to proceed in a manner that my Son wishes of you.

So for now, you will not be receiving further messages from me for the near future. You are now on a new journey of learning and growth as it has been ordained for you by my Son. So look upon this journey not as a time that I have deserted you, for I will always be with you, but look upon this time as a graduation to a higher realm of ministry where my Son is making Himself available to you to continue you journey directly with Him.

Much will be expected of you now for you have much work to do. Continue on your mission to speak out using the messages that the Lord and Saviour will be sharing with you so that you can continue to share these messages with all humanity. Go forth and evangelize, evangelize, and evangelize spreading the Good News that you will be receiving directly from the Lord and Saviour. Much is being asked of you in this regard, but I know that you have steeled yourself for the task, because you have accepted my Son as your Lord and Saviour, and you have set aside your life of material pursuits only to serve Him. In this regard, it has been my mission, a successful mission, to bring you to this place and this time in your life. How proud I am of the work that you are doing for my Son.

My prayers are with you on your journey as you continue the work of the Lord. Remember that you are being asked by Him to achieve great things in His Name. I am certain that you will not disappoint us.

My prayers to you. God speed on your journey.

Our Lady of Light

End 2:29pm

Note: Followed by a Message from Jesus The Redeemer