The Rock, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York at 2:35pm

My son,

I come to you today as the Redeemer of the world. My mission with you in this regard continues from the messages that you have already received. However, now I expect more of you than ever before to work on my behalf for all of your brothers and sisters for we are now entering a period of time for all humanity when great changes are about to take place.

Therefore, it is important for all of humanity to heed these messages that I bring to you as well as to many of your brothers and sisters to send a clarion call to all of humanity that it is time now to rise up to a more fulfilling and spiritual calling to recognize me as the Lord and Saviour. For the times are coming soon when the great changes will be implemented to bring about a change for all of humanity to recognize that the world will be changed for the better through my disciples who choose to follow me now through fervent prayer, penance, contrition, participation in the sacraments, and good works, for all Christians are now being called upon to work for me to save this world.

In many of the messages, you have heard of many references to the power of prayer. It is this power that I conveyed to the early apostles and disciples of my Church to return all of humanity to the original order of creation, the order that was ordained by the Heavenly Father in advance of my journey among you. It is through this power of prayer that all of you can continue to do great things to bring about the salvation of the world. It is through the power of prayer that you will create miracles in your world to bring about an end to all violence and bloodshed, to cure the ills of the sick and injured, and to cast out and bind up the demons, who are still prowling the face of the earth. But, alas, their time is limited and their strength, such as it is, is being weakened. But I must count on all of you, my brothers and sisters, to do good works and deeds to bring about an era of peace, and by doing so, you will cast all of the darkness and the evil into the bowels of perdition for all eternity.

This mission of casting out the demons from this world is a role of extreme importance in these times for all of humanity because of the times that you are now facing. The world is so out of balance now, so askew, because of the increase of sin throughout the world that great steps must be taken to counter-balance the darkness. You have within you, each and every one of you, the Divine Spark, which gives you the power to call upon the Holy Spirit to intercede in your prayer life so that you can become a more powerful and more prayerful spiritual warrior.

I call upon all of you, my sons and daughters, in these times to recognize the signs of the times. Throughout the world, you can see that the world is out of balance, that the weather changes are indicating to you that things are not the same, as you once knew them to be. In many ways, you are interiorly recognizing that the world is not the same; that your family members and friends are not the same; and the activities of your governments, your institutions, and your schools are not the same, as you once knew them. This is because the world is in a state of flux, a state of change, a state that will lead eventually to a better world yet to come. But the changes will take place in the blinking of an eye and the changes will also take place gradually.

Within you interiorly, my brothers and sisters, you can expect the same. You will change in the blinking of an eye and you will change gradually. The only certainty that will be consistently in your life is My Presence in your life. I will be beside you and with you to guide you through the storms and to a place of peace and serenity. If you turn your life over to me and trust in me during this journey, the trip will be peaceful and calm for you despite the torrents and raging storms that will be swirling around you.

I ask all of you my brothers and sisters to join with me on this journey and to do this now for the times are growing shorter and shorter and the importance of your prayers is growing greater and greater.

I ask of all of you now not to return to your lives of mediocrity and stagnation. Take this time to pick up the torch and join with your brothers and sisters on an important journey to help lead peaceful and loving Christians into the new world that is being prepared for you, both here on Earth as well as in the heavenly realms.

I call upon all of you to rediscover the plans that I placed in your hands through the early Church apostles and disciples to do good works, to evangelize, to proselytize, to perform miracles, and to heal the injured and the sick, and to cast out the demons.

Much will be accomplished though your prayers from a distance and through the laying on of hands. I reminded my brothers and sisters then and I remind you now to recognize the power of prayer through the laying on of hands, for the power of the Holy Spirit is with those of you who perform these prayers through your allegiance to me and to God the Father who resides in the highest of the heavenly realms.

Much is being asked of you now, I know. But what is it that you are here on Earth for, if it is not to please me, your heavenly Mother, the Father in heaven, and all the angels and saints who join with you in this great battle to bring victory to the goodness of the order that was created by the Father?

I join with all of you now in prayer to usher in an era of peace for all of humanity. The goal will be reached, but it will only happen when I have received the cooperation of all of you to become slaves to my Divine Will.

I come to you today as the Redeemer of all humanity. Please respond to this mission and this calling.

Message Ended 3:00pm The Hour of Divine Mercy