East Elm Street Hazleton, PA at 11:30am

My dear son,

I have brought you back here today to the place of your youth. This is an important time in your own personal journey. Much is being asked of you now in your ministry. You must have the courage to follow the inspiration and the divine guidance that is being provided to you. I am aware of the plans of the evil one to interfere with your mission and he shall not prevail. As we speak, the evil one is being bound and turned away from the path that has been chosen for you by the Father and Creator.

You must continue your mission with courage and strength. Know that powerful prayers are guiding you on your mission. Know that many are depending on the inspiration that comes to you. But also know that you must accept these gifts with humility and meekness. You have learned to accept your role as that of a child and I bring you to the place today where you first experienced the innocence of a child.

Now you must integrate this innocence of the child that was of and a part of you when you were living here in this place. Know that the innocence of the child is needed to fight the good fight against the adversary of all that is good for it is through the innocence of the children that the world truly learns of what it is that God is asking of all of humanity.

Do you see the message of God through the eyes of your leaders when they call for war and terrorism? Do you see the innocence of the child in the eyes of those who call for the killing of the unborn and those who believe that the life of the innocents that was ordained by the Father is an opportunity for research and experimentation?

See these acts through the eyes of the children and you will know ever so clearly what God the Father is expecting of you in the conduct of your mission here on earth. For it is the mission of all humanity to have reverence for all life and for all of Gods living creatures.

I come to you today to ask for prayers for the unborn children and for those children who are being taken from the world now in senseless and murderous experimentation to achieve nothing but the ruination of many souls, for this experimentation and the loss of human life is the plan of the evil one to denigrate the very creation that God the Father has ordained for all of His creatures.

Much needs to be done now through the power of prayer to turn the tide from the darkness of the evil one and to return mankind to the path that God has originally ordained for you. Much can be done now through the power of prayer to change this tidal wave of darkness that is spreading across humanity.

You are at the crossroads of the future of the world when great changes are taking place, and many more great changes will need to take place to purge the earth of the darkness and to usher in the Era of Peace.

The times are now with you when these great changes are being made and the conditions for further changes are now being implemented to bring about the Era of Peace.

Your participation through the power of your prayers is necessary to bring about the Era of Peace. This will not be done alone through the heavenly realms without the participation of the faithful here on Earth.

Many of your brothers and sisters have been sensing the urgency of these times and are making preparations for the future. But, alas, not enough prayer is being implemented at these times to initiate the changes that are for the betterment of mankind.

More good works, more prayer, and more evangelizing need to be done to bring about the Era of Peace and to cancel, postpone, or alleviate, the terrible events that may take place, if mankind does not immediately return to the original plan that was ordained by the Father from the very beginning.

Those of you who are organizing in prayer are being called upon now to increase your efforts, to evangelize to more of your brothers and sisters among you, to participate more fully in the plans for more prayer and more evangelization and more fervor in prayer, so that you can bring about an acceleration of love and goodness in the world and ultimately to bring about the Era of Peace without the terrible birthing pains that the world is now experiencing because of all of the sin and the darkness.

But, lo and behold, we are very close now to the eternal opportunity to bring the evil one and his minions to perdition and to remove his influence from the face of the earth. The evil one has already been bound from the heavenly realms and his final grasps upon humanity are still being felt by the world through the violence and wars, the materialism and greed, the pornography and filth, the blasphemies, and all the other terrible conditions of the world that mankind is suffering because the evil one has been permitted to roam unfettered upon the surface of the earth.

He will not be removed from this world by the efforts of the heavenly realms alone. The evil one can only be finally bound and purged from the earth with the power of prayers from the faithful here on earth. The survival of humanity relies on the faithful among you who recognize the power of your prayers and how important your prayers are in the eyes of the Father to return the world to the original order of creation.

Much is being asked of you now, but you must move forward. Prayer and fasting in these times is of the utmost importance. Ask all of your brothers and sisters to concentrate their efforts in these times to pray with great fervor and love for all humanity. Particularly pray for your enemies at these times and pray for the blessing of forgiveness for yourselves and for them. Praying for those who have hurt you and for those who have caused you pain in your life is one of the greatest forms of prayer, because the evil one will ultimately be defeated through the love of forgiveness as we have forgiven those who have trespassed against us.

Deliver us from Evil, Oh Lord, in these times for we are in the times when the serpent shall be bound up forever here on earth as he has been bound in heaven.

But it is up to you, the powerful prayerful warriors of humanity, to form groups of prayer and to pray fervently to cast out Satan and all other demons and minions from the face of the earth.

Ask of God the Father, what it is that he desires of you personally in this great struggle and he will acknowledge your prayers and your participation.

What greater gift of glory can be bestowed upon you than to know that God the Father and His Son, the Redeemer of the world, are personally hearing your prayers and responding to you directly to assist in the arrival of the Era of Peace for all humanity?

But you must respond soon for the time is running ever so short.

I come to you today as the Lady of Light.

Please respond to my calling to my chosen ones, my children!

The Lady of Light

End: 12:09pm