July 4, 2019 @ 8:00pm

Southampton Pines, East Quogue, New York



My dear son,

come to you on this Independence Day for your country as Our Lady of America.
Although I have appeared to others who have been receiving my messages to the
world, this is an inaugural appearance by me to you as Our Lady of America.

this particular Independence Day Celebration, I have chosen to inspire the
people in the same way that My Son came into the consciousness of your Founding
Fathers when your country was formed – because today will prove to be a pivotal
day in the history of your country for all of you, the brothers and sisters of
My Son and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

of you are celebrating this day with a reverent form of patriotism for your
country, and this is expected of you who also venerate My Son, the Redeemer, as
Your Lord and Saviour, for the United States of America has a special place in
the Heart of My Son as well as within the Heart of Your Heavenly Mother.

I am Your Lady of America, for I have been very involved with My Son, who is
Your Redeemer, in bringing about the inspiration that inspired your Founding
Fathers in creating the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United
States of America. I am here to affirm for you the beliefs of many of my Son’s
followers that indeed the founding of your country has been inspired by My Son
as part of His mission for the salvation of mankind.

see, the ancient enemies of My Son – satan, lucifer, moloch and baal – who are
all snakeheads of the same evil one – had already infiltrated the civilizations
that were created in the old world to the point where the evil one’s minions
through their occult societies and their deceptions upon the people of the
world were able to gain control of much of humanity in stealth and sinister
ways that allowed a few among you to deceive the masses and to create colonial
controls and oppressions over much of humanity.

see, the Founding Fathers were truly inspired by the Redeemer, but they also
had their faults which came with them from the old world that was tainted by
the evil one and his tricks.

of the perseverance of your nation in its independence from tyranny, you as a
people have a special place in human civilization, for you have led the way for
other nations and people to follow your example to strive for independence
which is a gift from the Father in Heaven as well as from His Son, the

your history is fraught with the demonic influence of the evil one through his
secret and occult societies that the evil one has effectively instituted
through his minions to take control of the people of your country and to
enslave them through their trickery.

your country is now experiencing the exposing of these minions of satan, for
your country – for the second time in its history – is now becoming so divided
between the forces of evil and the forces of good that this division among you
has the potential of destroying the country itself.

it must be obvious to you who to recognize as followers of the evil one, and
who to recognize as the leaders who are in unison with My Son, Jesus Christ, as
the Redeemer.

Father in Heaven has ordained that there is now an unveiling of the forces of
evil in your governments, in your institutions, and within your media. The
lines are becoming more clearly divided for you to recognize the forces of evil
and their followers, the minions of the new world order, and the global elites,
who are one and the same. They are the minions of the evil one who wants to
destroy the sovereignty of your nation because they want total control over you
as well as the other people of the world through their draconian plans for a
one world government, a one world religion of ecology, and a one world economy.

is the time for you to rally behind your leaders who are standing up to this
globalist tyranny for your Father in Heaven, and Your Redeemer, My Son, and
your Heavenly Mother will support your efforts to defeat the evil one and his
minions now and forever.

most powerful weapon is the power of your prayers to defeat the enemy. For in
the end, the evil one and his minions will be defeated and sent to perdition in
the bowels of darkness, for this is the plan of the Father in Heaven to be
achieved through His Son, the Redeemer, in these end times.

battle is now reaching a crescendo here on Earth as well as in the Heavenly
Realms. As you celebrate on Earth the heritage of your country today, you can
sense the rumblings within your earth as well as in the Heavenly Realms, for we
are all being prepared for the final battle which will come in the blink of an
eye. But now you must focus your energies and your prayers in what you must
individually and collectively do to defeat satan and his minions.

Son Jesus Christ, Your Redeemer, is communicating with many of you directly and
giving the battle plans to be executed by you the people to finally defeat the
evil one.

now as the time draws short. Look forward to these times with courage and
fortitude for you to go into battle with the knowledge that you shall prevail
in this battle to assist Your Father in Heaven, Your Son the Redeemer, who is
now with you in Spirit so fully, as well as your Heavenly Mother to bring about
the Great Transformation to usher in the Era of Peace – a New Heaven and a New

be to God!

ended 8:30pm



 to Ned Dougherty 

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